The “20 Minutes” 2021 prize is awarded to the “gripping” choral novel “The ultimate frontier”

You have been 345 readers to submit a manuscript on the theme of the “next world” for the prize 20 minutes of the novel, between December 2020 and March 2021. And among you, only one winner: The final frontier by Giselda Gargano, which will appear on November 10 at our partner, the
Prisma editions.

It is a great novel about the world after the war, this world which is perpetually trying to rebuild itself on still vivid wounds but which keeps falling back into chaos. A book full of cruel and disenchanted experiences on the ground of the war in Vietnam, in Bosnia or in the Republic of Congo. We do not come out unscathed from this story with multiple voices, which pleased the jury with its obvious romantic qualities. “It’s a gripping novel. I really felt that it was written by someone who likes to write, underlines Maxime Chattam, the president of the jury. It is not easy to master the writing of a choral narrative like a film by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, with many characters whose roles and destinies are irremediably intertwined … “

A world according to realistic and disillusioned

Five finalist manuscripts for the prize 20 minutes of the novel, that of The final frontier was the only one to rely on a proven reality, over recent conflicts, in order to draw the outlines of what could be a very credible “world after”. “I’m quite happy that this is the price 20 minutes because somewhere, this novel, it speaks of current events while remaining very anchored in reality, specifies Maxime Chattam. The final frontier talks about today’s world, its dysfunctions, and everything we want to do or not to prepare the world after, the one we will pass on to our children. “

Crossed by the struggles and disappointments of the former French doctors, pioneers of humanitarian aid, and their heirs, doctors and nurses today, the epic is all the more fascinating as its author, Giselda Gargano was editor-in-chief for seven years for the humanitarian association Médecins du Monde. “ The final frontier was born after long years of reflection on the Human, she explains. Conflict, relationships with others, borders, all of this is at the heart of this novel which focuses on Europe after Schengen and the new configuration of the world. »A novel to discover in bookstores in a few weeks.

Next theme: the conquest

Who will succeed Moon Black / Moon Blue last year and at The Ultimate Frontier This year ? Your future manuscript, perhaps? The third edition of the award 20 minutes of the novel will be launched next Friday, September 16, on the theme of conquest. You will have until January 31, 2022 to imagine her rather presidential, spatial, in love, a little of the three or very far from that.

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