Naked Burger, THE spot for a Californian and vegan burger

Our streets have talent… And taste buds! Our “Fingers Full” series is back in operation. 20 Minutes lets you discover the best that French street food has to offer. From Paris to Nice via Bordeaux and Strasbourg, here are our favorite places to eat on the go. And put it all in your fingers.

Here, it reigns like an air of California – a subtle blend of an atmosphere of having dinner American restaurant and a trendy Parisian fast-food restaurant – between pastel colors and neon lights. This is for appearance. On the plate, or here the kraft paper, it is just as beautiful, but a little more oily. Today, we take you to discover the Cheezy Burger at home
Naked Burger. This restaurant boasts of offering a vegan sandwich “more gourmet (as well as more digestible) than the real meat”. Not angry with the Beyond Meat and the melted faux cheddar, the editorial team has tested for you.

A 100% vegan menu

We are greeted by part of the team who are about to start cooking. “We are aimed at everyone, both flexitarians and vegans,” explains Theodore Charoy, the boss. The goal of Naked Burger is simple: “to seduce burger lovers and show them that there is another way to eat,” he continues. Namely, without meat or any other animal product.

Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the stall benefits from a beautiful location. “The idea is to provide an experience in an atmosphere reminiscent of California and well-being … And then it must also be Instagrammable”, laughs the boss.

On the menu, the options are varied, with among others, five burgers, fries, nuggets, coleslaw and a few extras. We have set our sights on the Cheezy Burger, “the most gourmet for the first time”, assures us Charles Rossillon, manager and chef. We let you discover the recipe on video.

“The burger laid bare”

To choose the name of their fast food restaurant, Theodore and his four associates had to brainstorm in the American style. After embarking on this collective brainstorming, the five friends finally agree on a promise, that of offering to taste: “a burger exposed to its animal product. ” Bye Bye the bloody steak, say rather Hello à la Beyond Meat, a disconcerting and delicious vegan substitute. “With Naked Burger, we find this American and very Californian side”, insists Theodore Charoy. Editorial verdict, veggie and yummy at Naked Burger, well, it matches pretty well.

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