Knife attack in Sydney: mother saved her injured baby with her last strength

Knife attack in Sydney
Mother saved her injured baby with her last strength – and died

After the attack in Sydney, many people expressed their condolences, laid flowers and prayed for those murdered

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One day after the knife attack in Sydney that killed seven people, Australia is in shock. One of the victims was 38-year-old Ashlee G. She saved her baby – and died a short time later. The country celebrates her as a hero.

It is said that a mother’s love is infinite. In the case of Ashlee G., one can only agree. The 38-year-old is one of six victims of the attacker who attacked a shopping center in Sydney stabbed people at random with a knife. And perhaps there would have been another death if G. hadn’t sacrificed herself: her own daughter.

As the British “Guardian” reports, among others, the assassin attacked G. and her nine-month-old daughter. He seriously injured both of them with stab wounds. In order to save her daughter, the woman, covered in blood, threw her baby to a man who caught her and, together with several other people, applied an improvised pressure bandage out of clothing.

Knife attack in Sydney: Woman threw her baby to man to save it

Laura Jayes, a news anchor for Sky News Australia, said she knew the mother and said: “The baby had an operation. Her mother didn’t make it.”

A man who remained anonymous and helped care for the baby described the situation to 9 News Sydney: “The baby and the mother were stabbed. She came to me with the daughter and threw her at me – I caught her “But it didn’t look good. There was a lot of blood on the floor.”

The man’s brother added: “We kept screaming that we needed clothes, shirts to put compresses on and stop the bleeding. For our daughter and mother.”

G’s fate touches Australia

The men, together with G., her daughter and other people, got to safety in a shop and then called for help. Help that came too late for G. She was able to save her daughter, but the 38-year-old died shortly afterwards in a hospital from the stab wounds.

Her fate affects all of Australia. Jayes described her as an “incredible human being.” “She was one of those multi-talented people. An incredible athlete, smart, so beautiful. She was so excited to be a mother. All of that was ripped away from her in a matter of seconds. Her daughter will one day know what an incredible mother her mom was .”

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