May 1st: Hamburg: Left-wing extremists start a demonstration in the Schanzenviertel

1st of May
Hamburg: Left-wing extremists start a demonstration in the Schanzenviertel

Participants in a demonstration by left-wing groups march through Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel. photo

© Axel Heimken/dpa

On May 1st, left-wing and left-wing extremist groups regularly take to the streets in Hamburg. A focal point of the scene: the Schanzenviertel with the Red Flora. The first demo starts not far away.

According to the police, around a thousand people are in Hamburg followed the call from anarchists and left-wing autonomists for a May 1st demonstration in the Schanzenviertel. Under the motto “Solidarity. Self-determination. Free from domination” they marched from Sternschanze train station towards Altonaer Balcony. In addition to the Schanzenviertel, the route will also lead through St. Pauli. There have been no incidents so far.

Unlike in previous years, many participants in the demo were colorfully dressed. A black bloc – which had ensured that the demonstration couldn’t even get started last year due to banned masking – could not be seen this time.

The demo in the Schanzenviertel is the first of three that left-wing extremist groups had registered for May 1st in Hamburg. An hour later, the “Whoever has, gives” alliance wants to walk with 2,500 demonstrators from the Dammtor train station to the Eppendorfer Baum. The revolutionary May 1st demonstration by the Red Organization, which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has classified as violence-oriented, is scheduled to start at the main train station later in the afternoon.

Emergency services attacked: Police stop demonstration in Stuttgart

An incident occurred during a demonstration on Labor Day in Stuttgart. A meeting in the city center was interrupted and stopped, the police announced on the platform X (formerly Twitter). There were attacks on emergency services, who responded with pepper spray and batons.

In another post, the police spoke of “massive crimes and violations of regulations”. Individual meeting participants were surrounded. The police called on participants to follow the instructions of the emergency services. Further details are not yet known.


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