Who is Major Dames, supposedly ex-CIA, who allegedly located the child in December?

Saturday March 20, a hiker helped find part of the body of little Emile Soleil, who disappeared last July near the hamlet of Haut-Vernet, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. If we are still wondering how the intense searches carried out at the time in this area had not made it possible to find the child, a man claims for his part that he had located Emile as early as December . This man is Major Edward Dames, a 74-year-old American who presents himself as retired from the army and a former member of the CIA, the famous American intelligence agency.

On April 1, the day after the Aix-en-Provence prosecutor’s office confirmed that the bones of little Emile had been found, the British tabloid The Sun published an interview with a certain Major Ed Dames. According to the tabloid, “the former CIA medium” used “remote viewing” to identify, in December, the area where the little boy was located after being contacted by an individual who had asked him for his location. help in this matter. “It took me two days,” he said, adding that he then informed the authorities of his discovery by email.

A secret CIA program

Guest on the set of TPMPOn Sunday, Major Ed Dames said he never received a response from authorities. “If a stranger solves a case and they don’t, it’s a bit shameful for them. It’s politics, we forget the child “, did he declare. Contacted by 20 minutesin particular to find out if the investigators had actually received such an email and if the trail had been explored, the Aix-en-Provence prosecutor did not follow up.

For his part, Edward Dames refutes the term “medium”, preferring to explain that he “sees at a distance”. At Sun Like on TPMP, the septuagenarian claims that he is retired from the American army and that it is in this context that he participated in a part of the “Stargate project”, a secret project developed by the CIA and the US Army aimed at exploit “psychic phenomena” in the field of intelligence. As far as he was concerned, it was the “remote viewing” research program, launched by the CIA in 1972 and shut down in the 1990s. This program is not science fiction, the top secret documents relating to it have been progressively declassified from 1995 and can be consulted, notably on the CIA website. Among other things, we can find an evaluation report on “remote viewing” studies dating from 1995, declassified in 2002.


In the conclusions of this report, it is specified that although “significant results” could be observed in the laboratory, they did not however “allow us to conclude that this research program provided an unequivocal demonstration of the existence of remote viewing. The CIA will therefore drop it, insisting that remote viewing “has not proven useful in intelligence operations”.

At the beginning of the 1990s, before this damning report for “remote viewing”, the major had left the army, taking with him his “gift” to make it a kind of business. We have not been able to find a CIA document mentioning the name of Major Ed Dames. His name nevertheless appears in an article in the “Army Times” of February 1, 1993, declassified in 2000. The man is presented as a “former military intelligence officer” who set up, in 1989, a company called Psi Tech.

His company, some of whose clients are private companies, studies UFO phenomena in particular. On the subject of Roswell, Ed Dames will explain that Psi Tech has collected evidence of what he calls “mental abductions.” He claims that there was never any UFO ship debris or extraterrestrial bodies, but that “the aliens orchestrated this crash in the minds of witnesses using advanced techniques to create an illusion in their brains.”

Our file on Emile’s death

In 1997, on an American talk show, “Coast tu coast,” Major Dames predicted that within the year “a piece of comet would fall to earth and cause mass plant extinctions because of a pathogen it would carry.” He also said “that a form of algae, called chlorella, could become the main source of food for the planet’s population.” In the same broadcast, his remote vision capabilities made him promise that “the population would be forced to live indoors, except for fifteen minutes a day, due to the intensity of the sun’s rays.”

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