Where to follow the results of the second round on TV?

We take the same and start again. Two weeks after the first round of the presidential election, the television channels are again in battle order to reveal the name of the future president or the future president of the Republic.

No surprise, the journalists will be the same as during the first election night this Sunday. If you don’t plan to be connected to 20 minutes all evening (you would be wrong), here is what the small screen will offer.

No Visitors on TF1

On TF1, do not expect to come across Visitors again. Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau will be back to comment on the election results throughout the evening. From 6:30 p.m., the two journalists will take stock of an initial estimate of participation. Then, at 8 p.m., Gabriel Attal, Jordan Bardella, Marion Maréchal, Rachida Dati, Clémentine Autain and Delphine Batho will debate.

Around 9 p.m., Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Robert Ménard, Luc Ferry and Sandrine Rousseau will follow. Then, three quarters of an hour later, these guests will give way to Christophe Castaner, Sébastien Chenu, Guillaume Peltier, Nadine Morano and Adrien Quatennens. The special edition should end at around 11:30 p.m.

Lapix and Delahousse back on France 2

France 2 will launch its second round of the election five minutes ahead of TF1, from 6:25 p.m. Just like two weeks ago, Anne-Sophie Lapix and Laurent Delahousse will be surrounded by Nathalie Saint-Cricq, Jean-Baptiste Marteau and Johanna Ghiglia to analyze the results, also commented on by political figures on set. Did you like the new set installed in the hall of France Télévisions? Good news, he will be back!

France 3 in nine cities in the regions

On the side of France 3, the editorial line of the evening will obviously be turned towards the regions. From 7:25 p.m., Carole Gaessler and Francis Letellier will take control of a special edition of the 19/20 national. The channel’s information meeting will be present in nine emblematic cities in the regions: Marseille, Bordeaux, Hénin-Beaumont, Saint-Denis, Rennes, Strasbourg, Château-Chinon, Tulle and Montpellier.

It starts at 7:45 p.m. on M6

No change for M6 either compared to its first round election night. Nathalie Renoux will be back, always accompanied by journalist Olivier Bost from RTL and Jean-Daniel Lévy from the Harris Interactive polling institute, to take the pulse of the results from 7:45 p.m. before the official announcement at 8 p.m. Reporters will be sent to the headquarters of the candidates as well as to the French to capture their reactions.

An association for LCP-National Assembly and Public Senate

On channel 13 of your TV, LCP-National Assembly and Public Senate join forces. At 7:30 p.m., Brigitte Boucher and Thomas Hugues will comment on the first abstention figures then announce the name of the President of the Republic at 8 p.m., in the company of several journalists present in the campaign headquarters of Marine Le Pen and Emanuel Macron. From 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., the political supporters of two candidates will react on the set and in duplex.

BFMTV special edition all night long

Insomniacs will once again be able to tune in to BFMTV during the night from Sunday to Monday. The news channel will launch its special edition at 6 p.m. with Apolline de Malherbe and Maxime Switek. In addition, a set relocated to the place of celebration of the winner will be hosted by Bruce Toussaint to collect testimonies on site. At 10 p.m., Jean-Baptiste Boursier will take over until 1 a.m. to continue analyzing the results. Then, it is Fanny Wegscheider and Benjamin Dubois who will ensure the continuation of this special edition until 3 hours.

Laurence Ferrari solo at 8 p.m. on CNews

Two weeks ago, CNews was the victim of a technical problem which had prevented it from posting the complete results at 8 p.m. sharp. It was then necessary to wait two minutes for them to appear, and two minutes at the most solemn moment of a presidential election is a lot. Let’s hope for Laurence Ferrari that things will go better for her on Sunday since she will again be at the head of a special program from 7 p.m. Sonia Mabrouk will take her place from 10 p.m. until midnight.

Ruth Elkrief and Julien Arnaud on LCI

The edition of LCI will start earlier than that of its big sister TF1. Ruth Elkrief and Julien Arnaud will indeed take the antenna from 6 p.m. sharp to receive several political guests and analyze the outcome of the ballot live. Like two weeks before, it is the Swiss Darius Rochebin who will take over from 11 p.m. Will be mentioned in particular, with the faces of the chain, the consequences of the results on the mandate of the president or the president.

Franceinfo on TV and on Twitch

On Franceinfo, Louis Laforge will also be back on the air from 6 p.m. in the company of journalists present throughout France and around the world to decipher the issues and tell the expectations of the French until 10:30 p.m. to which a special issue of Informed will start. A small particularity, the public group also offers a program on its Twitch channel, in the company of Clément Viktorovitch in particular. This will be to follow from 7:30 p.m.

Discover the 2022 presidential election results from 8 p.m. this Sunday by city, department and region on 20 Minutes.

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