What is this “future protection mandate” under which Jean-Marie Le Pen is placed?

Fists in front, almost ready to fight… Those days when Jean-Marie Le Pen proudly advanced against anti-Front National activists seem far away. It was in May 1987 in Mantes-la-Jolie and the president of the FN then said a few famous sentences to a demonstrator: “I’m going to make you run, you’ll see, the redhead over there. Eh ? Faggot! »

Almost forty years later, the “Menhir”, now 95 years old, has gradually seen its health deteriorate. Especially, according to those close to him, since the cardiac accident which occurred in April 2023. To the point that he was placed “under legal protection regime”, said this Wednesday the vice-president of the National Rally (RN) Louis Aliot .

Since mid-February, the former MP has been the subject of a “future protection mandate”, detailed his lawyer, Me François Wagner, confirming information from RMC. What is it about ? A civil provision, comparable to guardianship.

Marie-Caroline, Yann and Marine Le Pen are agents

“The future protection mandate allows any adult person (called principal) to designate in advance one or more people (called agent) to represent them on the day they are no longer able to manage their interests. […] The future protection mandate does not cause the principal to lose his rights and his possibility of carrying out legal acts,” it is written in detail on the official website of the French administration.

In this specific case, this status was activated at the request of the family by the local court of Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine), after a medical expertise establishing the incapacity of Jean-Marie Le Pen. His three daughters, Marie-Caroline, Yann and Marine Le Pen, are officially his representatives. This allows them to perform various acts in their father’s name, alone or in concert.

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Another question now arises. Will Jean-Marie Le Pen be able to appear at his trial in the MEP assistants case scheduled for the fall? “I think that the court will have to pronounce a measure stating that he can neither surrender, nor testify, nor participate in this trial,” considered Louis Aliot. A decision on this subject must be made in early July.

By then, the historic far-right leader should have celebrated his 96th birthday (June 20). Last year, this anniversary allowed him to reappear in a few photos. Like the one shared by his lifelong comrade, Bruno Gollnisch. “The Menhir is still valiant, and is amused to see those who previously vilified him trying to speak like him today,” the latter wrote at the time, sitting next to a smiling Jean-Marie Le Pen.

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