Video: Faeser demands quick clarification of knife attack in Schleswig-Holstein

STORY: After the knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg, in which two people were killed and several injured, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser was concerned. During a visit to Sweden on Thursday, she spoke of a “terrible act”. “My thoughts are with the victims and, above all, the relatives of the victims. It is really terrible what happened there. It must now be clarified quickly. And I would like to thank the rescue workers, who really did a great job. Before All things considered, it’s really good that we managed to catch the perpetrator so quickly. And I would also like to say something about Spain. My thoughts go out to the victims and the victims’ families there too. And I condemn this act in the strongest possible terms. In Algeciras, southern Spain, a man attacked two churches with a machete on Wednesday, killing a sexton and injuring several others. Authorities are investigating a possible terrorist motive.


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