“Valkyrie”: Ewelina Marciniak continues her “Ring” in Bern – culture

“Valkyrie”, prelude. Sieglinde is lying in front of an open fireplace, covered in bed linen delicately printed with texts, with many kitchen knives stuck in the mantelpiece (one of them is Nothung). Siegmund sits next to her, long-haired, slim and soft, brooding. In the background a glass wall through which you can see a rocky landscape. Creatures crawl about it, maybe the last survivors of a civilization, maybe a straggler group. The group is afraid, trembles and vibrates. Then the singing begins, Sieglinde, unsurprised by the man in her bed, whose paws she had previously examined curiously, gives him the requested drink, not without first putting on her pumps. From that moment on, Julie Adams dominates the entire first act, is a very sophisticated lady, knows about life and love, sometimes pulls the cork out of the wine bottle with her teeth. And one suspects that this “Ring” could continue as “Rheingold” promised: exciting, entertaining, concise. Theatre.

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