USA: Four police officers die in a shootout in North Carolina (video)

Gun violence in the USA
Arrest warrant should be executed: Four police officers die in exchange of fire

Watch the video: Arrest warrant should be executed – four police officers die in exchange of fire.
Video source: n-tv

Fatal incidents involving firearms occur again and again in the USA. Now fire is being opened on police officers in North Carolina. Four officers pay for the mission with their lives. Drone footage shows the location of the incident.

Four police officers were killed in a shootout in the US state of North Carolina. Four others were injured when officers wanted to arrest a man on Monday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said on the online service The exchange of fire lasted around three hours. Initially, the police said there were three dead and five injured. The officers later explained on X that one of their colleagues had died from his serious injuries during the night.

According to the police, shots were fired when officers wanted to execute an arrest warrant against a convicted criminal in the afternoon. He was wanted for possession of firearms. The police officers returned fire and fatally shot the person they were looking for. Shots were then fired inside the house. A 17-year-old and a woman were arrested in the house.

USA: Four police officers die in a shootout in North Carolina

The Justice Ministry confirmed that a deputy district police chief and two other officers were killed in the incident. US Attorney General Merrick Garland said his department was “heartbroken by the deaths of our own security forces.” President Joe Biden was informed of the incident and expressed his “condolences and support for the community,” the White House said.

Gun violence is an everyday problem in the United States, where there are more guns than people. In the past, attempts to tighten lax gun laws have repeatedly failed due to resistance from conservative Republicans and the powerful gun lobby.


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