Two indictments after the death of a man during a “chemsex” evening

Two men were indicted, respectively for drug trafficking and complicity in trafficking, after the death of a fifty-year-old in Bordeaux and the discovery at his home of products linked to chemsex, we learned on Sunday from the prosecution.

The victim, a man born in 1966, was found dead Monday evening at his home in the presence of two men who called for help. “Chemsex-related” products, such as 3MMC and GBL, were found on site.

Four people taken into custody

A judicial investigation was opened “for involuntary manslaughter and drug trafficking, namely acquisition, possession, offer and transfer, importation and use,” declared the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office.

According to a police source, the first findings and hearings suggest a death occurred during a chemsex evening, a term based on the contraction of “chemicals”, which refers to the fact of consuming psychotropic products with the aim of intensifying and prolong sexual intercourse.

After four people were taken into custody last week, two men born in 1990 and 1984 respectively were presented to a judge on Saturday.

The first was indicted for drug trafficking and the public prosecutor requested his placement in pre-trial detention. The individual having requested a deferred debate, he was incarcerated on Saturday evening and the contradictory debate before the judge of freedoms and detention will take place on Wednesday. The second individual was indicted for complicity in drug trafficking and placed under judicial supervision, in accordance with the prosecutor’s orders.

Three investigations opened in Bordeaux

This case comes shortly after the opening in Bordeaux of three separate investigations into four overdoses, two of which were fatal, suffered in mid-March several days apart by men consuming products linked to “chemsex”. On Tuesday, the prosecution established “no link” between this new death and previous cases.

“Chemsex” appeared in the 2000s and the practice has been favored in recent years by dating applications like Grindr, for “sexparties” over a long period of time (a weekend, several days in a row).

In addition to the risks of overdose or linked to the injection of narcotics, this practice can lead to intense fatigue, with effects of depression, anxiety and paranoia among its most diligent followers.

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