“Tim Allen – Full DIY Power”: New show by the “Listen who’s hammering” duo

“Tim Allen – Full do-it-yourself power”
New show by the “Listen who’s hammering” duo

Richard Karn, Tim Allen and April Wilkerson in “Tim Allen – Volle Heimwerker-Power” (from left to right).

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Tim Allen and Richard Karn are returning to German television with “Tim Allen – Volle Heimwerker-Power”. Everything about the new DIY show.

The legendary “Listen, who’s hammering” duo made up of Tim Allen (69) and Richard Karn (66) is returning to German television with a new home improvement show. The History Channel shows “Tim Allen – Volle Heimwerker-Power” as a German TV premiere from December 1, weekly from 8:15 p.m.

Allen and his iconic sidekick Karn explore the history and functionality of tools including lasers, blades, magnets, batteries, cranes and more in the new show. The duo is supported by YouTuber April Wilkerson (35), who specializes in do-it-yourself topics.

That’s what “Tim Allen – Full DIY power” is about

In each episode of the documentary format “Tim Allen – Volle Heimwerker-Power” the trio takes on a tool. It looks at its history and development as well as the many possible uses and tests its limits. It all starts in Allen’s workshop in Los Angeles, but the moderators also have tools and machines demonstrated on site or test them themselves. The range of tools presented ranges from bulldozers and excavators to guillotine shears. In addition, all invited experts set challenges in order to get the full do-it-yourself power out of the devices and machines.

The legendary “Listen Who’s Banging” duo return

Hosts Allen and Karn rose to prominence in the 1990s on the home improvement sitcom Hear Who’s Hammering. In the fictional home improvement show “Tool Time,” Tim Taylor (Allen) and his assistant Al Borland (Karn) solve home improvement problems that Tim often tries to solve with excessive use of technology. In Germany, the series ran on RTL’s afternoon program for years. Allen and Karn’s new colleague Wilkerson has around 1.5 million subscribers with their YouTube channel.

Most recently, Allen and Karn presented Tim Allen’s Home Improvement Show, also on The History Channel last year, in which home improvement enthusiasts competed against each other in unusual competitions.

From December 1st every Thursday

At the start of “Tim Allen – Volle Heimwerker-Power” four half-hour episodes will appear on Thursday evening at 8:15 p.m. The remainder of the episodes will air in double episodes on The History Channel for the three following Thursdays at the same time.

Once broadcast, the episodes will be available to stream via the video-on-demand platforms of – among others – Sky, Vodafone and Telekom.


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