TikTok runs an awareness campaign against online harassment

TikTok interface – SOPA Images / SIPA

TikTok decided to run a campaign against online harassment during the month of June by launching #CreateKindness, according to a statement of the social network. He has therefore set up several short videos on the “Discover” page of the platform in order to tell real stories around this issue.

“Bullying deteriorates the trust environment on which the application is based and hurts the self-esteem of users,” explains a company official. ” It is for this reason that […] we were investing in actions that help TikTok remain a place where kindness and compassion thrive, ”he adds.

Under fire from critics

TikTok users can thus participate in this initiative in order to share their own experiences. The social network has recently had to respond to many criticisms concerning in particular the fact that it can represent a danger for minors by being exposed to inappropriate content, specifies Lemon Juicer.

The European Commission in particular pinned him down on this subject by giving him a month to respond to these accusations. The platform is also being sued for negligence in protecting the privacy of minors, adds the media.

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