They set up an ambush to trap a pedophile… and received 18 months in prison

Four young adults, aged 18, were sentenced to suspended prison sentences of 12 to 18 months by the Nîmes criminal court. These four friends had decided to trap a thirty-year-old on a dating site by pretending to be a 14-year-old minor.

During the meeting in Garons (Gard), the man found himself in front of his four attackers, who had vandalized his car and stole his cell phone and his vehicle. But in France, “we don’t track people, we don’t set up traps, we go see the gendarmes,” said the deputy prosecutor at the hearing. Especially since the victim has not committed, in the eyes of the law, any offense.

Found guilty of violent theft, the four defendants are also prohibited from possessing a weapon and will have to pay a fine of 800 euros.

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