The crazy 48 hours surrounding the fate of the “father of ChatGPT”, Sam Altman, at OpenAI

Fired on Friday, will Sam Altman make his comeback at the head of OpenAI? CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS

STORY – Ousted by his board of directors, Sam Altman could return under pressure from investors.

But what did Sam Altman do to suddenly be ousted from the management of OpenAI? This question deeply shook Silicon Valley on Friday with the announcement of the unexpected ousting of one of the most famous and charismatic faces of the artificial intelligence industry, overthrown by his own board of directors. Barely twenty-four hours later, another question took over. Is Sam Altman about to be forcibly reinstalled by OpenAI’s main investors, primarily Microsoft, who are putting increasing pressure on the renegade administrators? Or will he choose to launch a rival company, supported by loyal employees who have already started writing their resignation letters? Whatever the outcome of this standoff, the face of the company creating ChatGPT will never be the same.

This weekend of daggers drawn, which promises to go down in the annals of Silicon Valley, revealed a deep schism within…

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