Sober but cheerful illuminations

The Christmas lights on the Champs-Elysées were placed this year, context requires, under the sign of sobriety. And it was the same for the ceremony this Sunday evening. There was indeed a first part with the Picard marching band La Vaillante, who came expressly from Saint-Quentin, but with only two pieces. For the rest, no long speech.

A brief introduction by Marc-Antoine Jamet, the president of the Champs-Elysées committee at the initiative of the festivities, who praised “reasonable and lasting illuminations”.

“A moment of celebration in a world that is not going very well”

A few words also from Anne Hidalgo for whom “these illuminations are a moment of celebration in a world that is not going very well”. And above all the smile of Tahar Rahim, the sponsor of the festivities, who recalled his “pleasure to be there” and thanked for the “privilege” of having been chosen. A thousand leagues from his creepy character in the Netflix series The snake.

And it was a few minutes after 7 p.m. that the buzzer button was pressed, illuminating the trees of the Champs with beautiful garlands and triggering a rain of yellow and white confetti. The smiles were then very present on the stage, especially among the two young people of the association Petits princes which supports sick children. Jeanne D’Hautesserre, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement, shone with her golden down jacket, her Christmas sweater, and her enthusiasm, always present year after year. And it was Olivia Polski, the Commerce Assistant, who took the traditional group selfie while LREM MP Sylvain Maillard managed to get his photo with Tahar Rahim.

Marc-Antoine Jamet had nothing but praise for the godfather of the illuminations: “He gave the avenue the dimension that is his. We need someone exceptional and he is exceptional! And above all, he is full of kindness! “Not hesitating to call “papi” the chairman of the committee who had just learned of the birth of a granddaughter.

Among the large crowd who attended the inauguration of the illuminations, Thierry and Cristina enjoyed the festivities: “It’s the first time I’ve come and it’s nice. And it was my Brazilian companion who informed me, me, a Parisian of origin, of the ceremony! Shelly, Ajay and their two children came as tourists before returning to New York for Thanksgiving. “It’s very beautiful”, soberly commented the father who arrived here a bit by chance: “We didn’t know it was the illuminations and we saw a lot of people so we approached. “Katie and her daughter Amel were less lucky: “We left the house too late and we missed the ceremony, says, disappointed, Katie. Last year we were ahead, but we’ll be back next year! »

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