Severe weather in Bavaria: risk of flooding due to continuous rain – Bavaria

The continuous rain in southern Bavaria continues. The German Weather Service (DWD) warned on Monday of continuous rain in the southern half of the Free State and in the Upper Palatinate until Tuesday. It was said that there were storms in the Alps due to continuous rain, which was extremely productive. Temperatures should stay below 20 degrees Celsius.

Rainy and cool weather is also expected in Bavaria on Tuesday. Because of the constant rain, the water management authorities warned of the risk of flooding in numerous municipalities. Numerous districts and cities around Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Passau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Kempten were affected.

The warning level in the Rosenheim district was particularly high early Monday afternoon. For the Inn in the city of Wasserburg, the Bavarian flood intelligence service expected a risk of flooding for built-up areas in the evening (reporting level 4). The level of the river rose sharply by the early afternoon. One is prepared, said the head of the Wasserburg regulatory office, Claudia Einberger Upper Bavarian Volksblatt, from notification level 4, a crisis team made up of fire brigade, rescue services and administration will meet. But she appealed to the citizens: “Please, please, stay away from the Inn!”

For the city of Neuburg an der Donau, an increase in the river level up to reporting level 3 is possible at night. This means that individual plots of land or basements could be flooded. The city of Neuburg announced on Monday that, as a precaution, it would set up mobile flood protection on the Danube bridge and block individual paths on the riverbank.

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