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TV tips on Saturday

“The Quartet – Deadly Delivery”: Chief Inspector Maike Riem (Anja Kling, middle) and her team in the logistics center.

© ZDF/Oliver Feist

8:15 p.m., ZDF, The Quartet – Deadly Delivery, Crime

“The Quartet” is investigating the case of a murdered parcel carrier who worked for an online mail order company. Diab Essa lies stabbed to death on the conveyor belt in the logistics center. The first suspicions lead to the workforce of the ultra-modern online giant. Not only Area Manager Sarah Graf gets caught up in contradictory statements. A whole new dimension of the case opens up when Maike Riem (Anja Kling), Pia Walther (Annika Blendl), Christoph Hofherr (Shenja Lacher) and Linus Roth (Anton Spieker) find out that Diab made contact with a convicted IS Returnee had: Melissa Kurtz.

8:15 p.m., the first, who knows something XXL, knowledge quiz

Six prominent guests answer Kai Pflaume’s often bizarre, sometimes useful, but definitely entertaining questions. As always, they will be supported by the two experienced team captains Bernhard Hoëcker and Elton. In three exciting preliminary round duels, each with twelve questions on the guessing board, it will be determined who has the chance to win 50,000 euros for a good cause of their choice.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Joko & Klaas against ProSieben – Klaas’ personal best of, show

In the fight between employees and employers for 15 live minutes, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt have been challenging their broadcaster for 33 episodes now. Time to look back at some personal highlights from the show. Climb the radio tower, land a plane, acquire a stunt license – Klaas presents his very own best of “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”.

8:15 p.m., VOX, The Great Wall, fantasy action

European mercenaries are attacked by a mysterious creature while searching for gunpowder in the Chinese Empire. The survivors, including William Garin (Matt Damon), escape with their lives, but soon end up in a cell in the Great Wall of China. Behind bars, they learn the true secret of the world cultural heritage: It serves to protect against something unimaginably terrible that threatens to wipe out humanity beyond the borders of China.

8:15 p.m., ONE, The Diplomat: Hunt through Prague, political thriller

In Prague, Karla Lorenz (Natalia Wörner) finds herself in an explosive situation as the new ambassador: She offers shelter to the deserted US soldier Sean Miller (Angus McGruther) and his girlfriend Lena Fischer (Mercedes Müller), who are asking for asylum, at the German embassy . He claims that there is a secret US secret service torture prison in the Czech Republic. Due to the thin evidence, Karla soon finds himself under pressure.


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