Police Poing: wanted person begs passers-by – Ebersberg

With his help, the Poing police have now found a man who had been advertised for the purpose of determining his whereabouts – albeit rather involuntarily. At around 1 p.m. on Tuesday, the inspection received a notification that people waiting to shop were being begged by a man and a woman in front of a butcher’s shop. The two people then drove away in a vehicle. A patrol crew from PI Poing was able to find the vehicle described about 30 minutes after the notification and carry out a check. During the personal inquiries, the 36-year-old driver, who comes from another EU country, was found to have a wanted note to determine his whereabouts. This is not a manhunt with the aim of arresting a suspect, as is the case with an arrest warrant. Residence investigations are about finding out a person’s summonable address, for example because they are involved in a legal process, both as a witness and as a defendant. If there is a risk of escape, an arrest can also be made, but this was apparently not necessary in this case. According to the police, only the authority issuing the alert was notified of the control. The person concerned and his 43-year-old companion were then released.

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