On Biden’s birthday: Doctor certifies Trump’s “excellent health”

On Biden’s birthday
Doctor says Trump is in “excellent health”

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US presidents regularly inform the public about their health status. This is not expected of presidential candidates. Nevertheless, Donald Trump has his doctor certify that he has a stable physique. It is probably no coincidence that this happened on Joe Biden’s 81st birthday.

Former US President Donald Trump is teasing his successor in office, who is four years his senior, on Joe Biden’s 81st birthday. Trump published a letter on Monday that was said to be a professional assessment from his doctor certifying that he was in “excellent” health. The publication of the letter is an obvious campaign maneuver by the Republican, and the seriousness of the letter and the investigations carried out are questionable.

He has been Trump’s personal doctor since 2021, writes Bruce Aronwald, who is listed as a family doctor at Morristown Medical Group in the US state of New Jersey. Aronwald said he last examined Trump’s health “comprehensively” in September. The letter does not mention the presidential candidate’s weight, blood pressure or other test results. It simply means that the 77-year-old has reduced his weight. In addition, Aronwald writes that Trump will “continue to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in the years to come” due to his interest in preventive screenings.

Biden’s health check was last released in February. In the five-page report, Biden’s doctor certified that the Democrat was able to successfully fulfill the duties of a president. However, one or two problems were listed – including a stiff gait and gastroesophageal reflux disease, which caused him to have to clear his throat often. In the USA, presidents must regularly disclose their health status. This is not legally required; But it has become a kind of ritual that no president can avoid.

Biden celebrated his 81st birthday on November 21st and is clearly considered by the Democrats to be the most promising candidate to win the primary elections. In 2021, he moved into the White House as the oldest US president ever. Biden’s age and his suitability to run for president again have long been the subject of debate, including within his own party. But Trump’s old age is also a recurring topic, as he wants to move back into the White House for the Republicans after the 2024 election. He also keeps making mistakes and confuses people.

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