OL: Mattéo Guendouzi conquered Marseille to the point of having his song at the Vélodrome

“If Guendouzi wasn’t in my club, I would hate him. It would be like with Neymar, we could do more, ”says this subscriber to the north bend of the Vélodrome stadium. This Sunday, this Olympique de Marseille fan could have insulted Matteo Guendouzi wearing the Lyon jersey. The French international almost slipped to OL, just after the Final 8 of the Champions League in 2020, when Arsenal offered his midfielder and 25 million euros to convince Jean-Michel Aulas to let go Houssem Aouar. But on Sunday, Mattéo Guendouzi will play in the OM jersey against the other Olympique at 9 p.m.

Failing to insult him, it will be on the melody of “Oh Guendouzi, oh! “, that this Marseille Too Powerful subscriber will cheer the player with curly hair. A song in homage to the midfielder, loaned by the London club, entered somewhat by chance into the repertoire of the group from the north bend. “Guendouzi had promised his jersey for the son of the capo at the start of the season, except that the jersey did not arrive. Before the match of I don’t know which day, the capo turns towards the lawn and launches a “Oh Guendouzi, oh”, and the whole group takes it back spontaneously. It was crazy, the capo was shocked in “but what are you doing?” mode. It became a song, and the delirium grew. Until Guendouzi finally gives his jersey. We were all disgusted that it ended. In the end, we continued to thank him, until we made this banner “Cowardly mentality nothing like Guendouzi” ”, relates this member of the MTP.

“Such a winner that he can seem arrogant”

“I heard my name, I saw the banner. It’s a huge pleasure and it gave me a lot of strength. A great pride. That’s what I try to do on the pitch, no matter the match, the result, I try to give everything for the team. So that we try to push, and have the results that suit us. It shows that I have a good mentality, that I will always be there for the team, the club, and all the people who support OM”, had savored the main interested party at the end of this match.

Beyond the delirium, it is above all what Mattéo Guendouzi demonstrated on the ground that the group of supporters wanted to highlight.

He has the mentality that we love, that we appreciate. This is the type of player that corresponds to OM. He is hated by everyone, and OM is hated everywhere. He is passionate, he gives his all and shows an impressive quality of play, ”said this supporter.

This mentality has characterized him since his beginnings. “It returns images that do not necessarily correspond to reality. He is such a winner that vis-à-vis his opponents he can seem arrogant. Bordering on disrespect. While he turns out to be very respectful every day. Basically, what he likes to do is make his partners laugh. Except that when you are the opponent, you take it for yourself, ”recalls Gaël Danic, who rubbed shoulders with him at FC Lorient.

Call option exercised after his 38th game

A boiling character that could serve him, especially during his time at Arsenal, resulting in a conflict with his coach Mikel Arteta. “He is someone who has character, who is boiling. I discussed it with him. I advised him not to get into conflicts. Even if it’s part of his character, his aggressive game, you always have to stay in control of yourself, something he manages to do well, despite everything, ”advised Didier Deschamps last March after having summoned him again to the team. of France.

A self-control, beyond this volcanic character, as can be the Vélodrome, which makes Mattéo Guendouzi the most used player of the five major European championships. Jorge Sampaoli considers him the “soul” of Olympique de Marseille and has already played 51 games this season, in the 38th game the obligation to buy his loan was automatically lifted. “In real life, Mattéo is tired but he compensates with mental freshness. But since body and mind are connected, he regenerates in the current Marseille environment: the results, which are good, the support of the supporters, the energy transmitted by Sampaoli at the end of the season, “confided his trainer. physics Serge Costa at the start of the week at The Team.

Despite this mental freshness, Mattéo Guendouzi seemed exhausted on Thursday evening during OM’s narrow defeat in Rotterdam (3-2). Blowing against Lyon could do him the greatest good, four days before the return semi-final of the Europa League Conference in Marseille. Which wouldn’t prevent the MTPs from chanting “Oh Guendouzi, oh! “.

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