Oktoberfest Munich: Dispute over Wiesn food – the chicken is not a half thing – Munich

You can twist and turn it as you like: as far as symbolism is concerned, even the “Herzerl fürs Herzerl” can’t keep up with the chicken. Of course, the Mass Bier is the most important of all the gastronomic offerings at the Oktoberfest. But as far as solid food is concerned, the Wiesnhendl follows immediately afterwards. Those who are looking forward to the Oktoberfest are usually also looking forward to their first chicken. For decades, it was a good custom for many Munich companies to provide their employees with beer and hendl stamps for the Oktoberfest in autumn, and anyone who is lucky enough to be able to reserve a Oktoberfest table in spring can pay in advance for two liters of beer and one hendl per person.

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