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Hans Magnus Enzensberger is dead. He was a writer, poet, thinker, culture and life expert. And one of the last intellectuals in post-war Germany. On the death of Hans Magnus Enzensberger. To the obituary (SZ Plus)

“It’s high time we created a new system.” Labor Minister Hubertus Heil still considers the citizens’ allowance to be a success despite all the concessions to the Union. And in order to make the pension secure, he wants to ensure that as many people as possible are in work. To the interview (SZ Plus)

LKA is investigating six climate activists after the airport action. Members of the “Last Generation” had paralyzed operations at BER. Politicians sharply criticize the protest group. The reactions at a glance. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE How Nancy Faeser wants to make naturalization easier. Shorter waiting times, special rules for children and the elderly: above all, those who are well integrated should have better chances of becoming a German. To the article (SZ Plus)

Ukraine: Bundestag wants to recognize Holodomor as genocide. Ninety years ago, Stalin deliberately starved the people of Ukraine, and millions died. For a long time, the crime received little attention in the West. Go to Article

Everything about the World Cup

Qatar loses to Senegal. The hosts scored their first World Cup goal, but lost 3-1 to Senegal. The team is threatened with the early end of the World Cup. Go to Article

Iran beats Wales after dramatic game. Iran beat Wales 2-0 but in the eyes of the reform movement there is nothing left for this side to win. The fact that the players are singing the anthem this time probably has something to do with the arrest of a national player. Go to Article

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