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The most important thing about the corona virus

81,417 new infections in one day – the incidence continues to rise. The Robert Koch Institute reports a nationwide seven-day incidence of 427.7. Twelve federal states are currently examining whether they will extend the license for the Luca app for contact tracking, Schleswig-Holstein has already announced the end. France’s Senate approves tougher restrictions for the unvaccinated, but defuses the government’s plans somewhat. To the current corona reports

Chief of the crisis team: Tests are running out because of Omikron. Because of the rapidly increasing number of infections, according to the head of the German government’s Corona crisis team, there will soon no longer be enough test capacities available for the entire population. “As soon as it gets tight somewhere, I have to prioritize. Employees in the critical infrastructure have priority,” says Major General Breuer Süddeutsche Zeitung. The danger posed by the new virus variant should not be underestimated: “We need a bulwark against Omikron.” To the interview (SZ Plus)

Munich’s opponents of vaccinations are getting tired. In the Bavarian capital, significantly fewer opponents of the corona policy are protesting than in the weeks before, the police have the situation under control. She speaks of around 1,000 demonstrators in small groups and is on duty with just as many officials. There will also be demonstrations at Odeonsplatz – for the pandemic rules. Go to Article

What is important today

EXCLUSIVE Scientists are shocked by the EU Commission’s draft. Several independent experts who advised the European Union on the so-called “green taxonomy” are appalled because investments in gas as well as in nuclear power are to be given the green EU label in the future. In an interview with SZ, NDR and WDR, a member of the advisory committee speaks of “probably the greatest greenwash of all time”. To the article (SZ Plus)

Higher Regional Court Koblenz wants to announce judgment in the Syria trial. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office calls the process the “world’s first trial against members of the Assad regime for crimes against humanity”. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office accuses the main defendant, Anwar R., of being responsible for torture in at least 4,000 cases, murders of at least 30 people and several rapes, as well as other cases of sexual violence. The verdict is due to be pronounced this Thursday. To the article (SZ Plus)

After bloody unrest: Almaty airport reopens. In Kazakhstan the situation seems to have calmed down, the authorities of the authoritarian republic are now allowing passenger traffic. President Tokayev has announced that the troops he has called for help from abroad, especially from Russia, will gradually withdraw from today. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

Best things

Cried to the end. UK supermarkets now have onions that are not supposed to cause tears. At least not when peeling. Go to Article

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