Munich: Unknown man saves helpless people from the track at the main train station – at the last second – Munich

At the last second, a 31-year-old was rescued from the track at the main train station – a few moments before an incoming S-Bahn. The federal police said the man from Aschheim fell from the platform, probably due to health problems, and ended up lying across the tracks. According to the investigators, videos show how a previously unknown man jumps after him, grabs the helpless man and brings him and other travelers out of the danger area to safety.

A few seconds later an S-Bahn arrives. “It was solely due to the immediate and courageous intervention of the previously unknown first aiders that the man was prevented from being hit by the train,” praised the police, who are now looking for the helper and others involved. The 31-year-old was taken to hospital after the incident on Saturday night.

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