Munich: No train traffic possible at the main station – Munich

After an overhead line damage in Munich, long-distance traffic to and from Munich Central Station has been suspended. The main S-Bahn route has also been closed between Pasing and Ostbahnhof since Thursday afternoon. Display boards at the train station and the S-Bahn station showed failures in almost all trains displayed. Deutsche Bahn writes on its website: “At the moment we recommend that you refrain from traveling to/from Munich.” It was initially unclear whether some regional trains could run.

There was a great crowd in the station hall, and people lined up in a long queue in front of the travel center. There was also a great rush at the tram stops around the main train station. Some commuters form carpools, taxi drivers offer trips to Nuremberg and demand sums of up to 400 euros.

It is currently unclear how long the closure will last, and the Deutsche Bahn press office was initially unavailable for further details. As reported by Deutsche Bahn, the impairments are expected to last until Friday evening. The DB provides information on its website about the operating situation of the Munich S-Bahn Alternatives for S-Bahn commuters. Deviations to the public transport of the MVG are possible. Deutsche Bahn tickets remain valid.

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