Michael Mittermeier reveals in “NDR Talk Show” with Schöneberger: “We had four stillbirths”

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From: Jonas Erbas

Michael Mittermeier is one of Germany’s most popular pranksters, but the 57-year-old comedian knows the serious side of life all too well. Now he reveals what helped him during this time.

Hamburg – Anyone who skillfully makes others laugh is not necessarily always cheerful in private – an experience that comedian Michael Mittermeier (57) also had to make, as he did on the “NDR Talk Show” (July 7th, from 10 p.m on NDR) with the moderator duo Barbara Schoeneberger (49) and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt (66) openly reveals. But although fate has not always been kind to him, the 57-year-old has found his own way out of these difficult times.

Honest insights from Michael Mittermeier in “NDR Talk Show” with Barbara Schöneberger

It is not an easy topic that Michael Mittermeier addresses in front of an illustrious group. On Friday evening, the native of Upper Bavaria discussed what was probably the most difficult stroke of fate he had ever had to cope with on the “NDR Talk Show”: “My wife and I had four stillbirths”quoted colorful.de in co-operation with teleshow the 57 year old.

Mentally he has “Since 2005 (…) the dead children with us every day [gehabt]also on stage”, the comedian continues. It even had a healing effect: “It helped me to banish the darkness with humor. This is my valve”reports the stand-up comedian Barbara Schöneberger and the prominent guests (including pop singer Michael Holm, children’s musician Simone Sommerland, TV icon Bruce Darnell).

The “NDR Talk Show” guests on July 7th

Michael Holmsinger, lyricist and composer

Christian Kleppnature photographer

Simone Stiers or Sommerlandchild musician

Michael Mittemeiercomedian

Bruce Darnelmodel and choreographer

Mitra Kassaimusic manager and activist

Michael Mittermeier with Barbara Schöneberger: This is how he made it through the crisis

He has been silent publicly on the subject for a long time, and now it is even part of his new stage program, explains Michael Mittermeier: “Many of those affected do not talk about it, because it is a difficult subject.” “Humor and tragedy (…) are so close together “, says the multiple “German Comedy Award” winner. Talking about it on stage helps: “The great thing is that people are going with me on this path.”

Michael Mittermeier and Barbara Schoeneberger
Michael Mittermeier gives Barbara Schöneberger and the “NDR Talk Show” viewers an honest insight into his inner world © Future Image/Imago

His wife, the singer Gudrun Allwang (53), known by his stage name Somersault, and his 15-year-old daughter had already seen the program – and reacted accordingly emotionally: “My wife hugged me afterwards and told me it would be the best program I’ve ever done.”

There are also exciting insights from the “NDR Talk Show” host in her podcast: There, Barbara Schöneberger recently revealed that she earns almost no money with her music. Sources used: Bunte.de, teleschau.de, ndr.de

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