Marrakech: a French tourist suspected of having killed his two children in a hotel

The bodies of two minors of French nationality, aged 9 and 13, were discovered inside a hotel room in a tourist district of Marrakech. Their father, a retired nurse, was found near them in a comatose state. Moroccan police opened an investigation on Monday after a suicide attempt by a French tourist suspected of killing his two young children in a hotel in Marrakech, according to the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN).

The investigation, under the supervision of the prosecution, aims to “elucidate the causes and circumstances of a suicide attempt by a 72-year-old French tourist, suspected of having committed a premeditated homicide by injecting his two minor children with a suspicious substance,” the DGSN said in a statement. “The first lead considered was death by food poisoning”, according to the site Hespressa hypothesis now ruled out.

No trace of violence or resistance

According to the first elements of the investigation, the corpses of the two victims bore no trace of violence or resistance, “with the exception of a mark of injection by the back”, according to the Moroccan site. An autopsy is in progress.

No signs of violence were also seen on the body of the father who was transferred to a local hospital, where he is being treated in an intensive care unit.

The police found a handwritten letter at the scene in which the motives – apparently family – of the drama are explained, indicated the same police source. They also recovered used medical syringes.

The retiree’s ex-wife was interviewed by the Moroccan judicial police as part of the investigation.

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