Man kills wife with knife because of intention to separate – eleven years in prison – Bavaria

Because he killed his wife, a man was sentenced to eleven years in prison for manslaughter at the Landshut regional court. In its verdict on Monday, the court considered it proven that the 46-year-old killed his wife with multiple knife stabs in April 2023 in Kirchdorf am Inn (Rottal-Inn district). The reason for this was that the 43-year-old wanted to break up with him for good. The verdict is not yet legally binding. The defense announced on Monday that it would appeal.

The defendant remained silent about the allegations in court. In its verdict, the court largely followed the representation of the public prosecutor, who had demanded 13 years in prison for the crime. The defense had pleaded for acquittal.

According to the indictment, the man wanted to dump the woman’s body on a nearby sports field. But that didn’t work because the man didn’t manage to get the dead woman’s body out of the shared car. He had apparently gotten stuck between the seat and the center console. So the man left the car and the body on the sports field.

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