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Herbolzheim (ots) – Lionel Bruder is managing director of the marketing agency Alphabrothers. As this he helps online retailers optimize and scale their business. His expertise covers a wide spectrum and ranges from setting up an online shop to the marketing strategy of e-commerce on the most important social media channels. Here you will find out what it takes to overcome a sales plateau in e-commerce.

In order to achieve visibility with your own online shop, advertising campaigns on social networks offer enormous opportunities these days. A number of successful online shop operators have been able to achieve effective marketing success with the help of the well-known social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Co. Lionel Bruder of Alphabrothers knows that most online businesses have realized how important the right use of social media is for both employee and customer acquisition. Many companies now even have their own social media department that focuses entirely on advertising on social networks. “Nevertheless, more and more online retailers are suffering from the sales plateau phenomenon, which means that they have initially positioned themselves successfully, but are stuck in a dead end that does not allow for further growth,” explains the e-commerce expert.

“In social media marketing, it is not enough to simply leave campaigns running to their own devices. Continuous analysis and optimization of advertising strategies are required,” reveals Lionel Bruder. The air is slowly becoming thin, especially for companies that still rely on the catalog model and have little experience in the area of ​​social media marketing. These companies will sooner or later be pushed out of the market. But even those companies that have achieved initial success by placing advertisements and organic posts on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok will quickly notice that marketing requires a more sophisticated approach in order to permanently break through a sales plateau. The following three tips should help online retailers get closer to a breakthrough:

Tip 1: SEO, social media marketing and retargeting

If you already use marketing tools such as SEO, have a growing community and are still stuck in a sales plateau, you have various options to overcome this. The next level can be reached through new and appealing offers. These should be tailored precisely to the target group and advertised accordingly. In addition, retargeting is a significant factor in staying top of mind with customers or prospects. Anyone who is already a customer can be specifically targeted in this way. An active social media feed also creates points of contact, inspires trust and helps interested parties make their purchasing decisions, for example with informative content.

Tip 2: Segment the target group

If there is a functioning customer avatar, the motto is: “Never change a running system”. The aim is to build on the previous success by further segmenting the original target group. In addition to the existing target group-specific advertising measures, further special offers, landing pages and advertising campaigns can be created. A complete realignment is unnecessary: ​​successful strategies are only applied to smaller elements. An example shows how segmentation works: Instead of providing general information about the positive effects of vitamin D3, strength athletes, vegetarians, business people or craftsmen can be addressed individually.

Tip 3: Accurate analysis of all relevant data

Successful scaling of online business can only be achieved by applying comprehensive know-how. The competition in e-commerce has grown massively in recent years, meaning that traditional marketing models are often no longer sufficient to take the business to the next level. In order to overcome a sales plateau, it is necessary to efficiently use the analysis tools of social media platforms and recognize the relevance of important data. Constant analysis and the subsequent optimization and alignment of campaigns form the basis for the success of your own online shop. This is the only way the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram recognize which target group should be reached.

Would you like to finally overcome the sales plateau with your online business and continue to drive growth? Contact Lionel Bruder ( from the marketing agency Alphabrothers now and arrange a free initial consultation!

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