Jewish community wants to receive Jewish newspaper as neutral mail

“Fear of neighbors and delivery people”
The Jewish community in Munich only wants to receive “Jüdische Allgemeine” in a neutral envelope

Should only be delivered in Munich in a neutral envelope: the “Jüdische Allgemeine”

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The Jewish community in Munich has asked the weekly newspaper “Jüdische Allgemeine” to only deliver its subscription copies to its members in a neutral envelope. This is what the editor-in-chief of the newspaper reports.

Since the barbaric attack on Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7th, a wave of anti-Semitism has been rolling in Germany and around the world. Many German Jews are afraid to identify themselves publicly for fear of insults and attacks. For this reason, the Israelite Community (IKG) in Munich, the largest Jewish community in Germany, asked the weekly newspaper “Jüdische Allgemeine” to only deliver subscription copies for its members in neutral envelopes. This is what the editor-in-chief of the “Jüdische Allgemeine”, Philipp Engel Peyman, reports on X.

“Call from Germany’s largest Jewish community, the IKG Munich: Please only send the Jüdische Allgemeine to the members in a neutral envelope. Neighbors and delivery people should not know that they are Jews. For security reasons,” writes Peymann.

The IKG Munich has this star confirmed the message. According to the statement, “several members approached us with the request.” “Especially due to the current, very heated atmosphere,” the “security situation for many Jewish people in Germany has worsened.” The aim of the measure is to counteract this development “in a small but important place in the home environment”.

IKG: The fight against hatred of Jews needs more than big words

The IKG expressly points out that this is not a permanent solution. A “threatened minority” should not be “invisible” in the long term. The “fight against hatred of Jews” needs more than “big words” from politics and society. At the same time, the IKG Munich complains: “Many Jewish people hear promises – but nothing changes for the better.”

The latest figures confirm the growing anti-Semitism. In the third quarter of 2023, 540 anti-Semitic crimes have been recorded by the police, significantly more than in previous quarters, according to a request from the left-wing faction in the Bundestag, which the “Rheinische Post” recently reported on. The period after the terrorist attack on October 7th has not yet been recorded. According to the report, the number was 379 in the first quarter of 2023 and 446 in the second quarter. In the same quarter of the previous year there were 306 anti-Semitic crimes. According to the newspaper, these are numbers provisionally recorded by the Federal Criminal Police Office without any subsequent reports.

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