His accuser sentenced to one year in prison for drug trafficking

The Paris Criminal Court sentenced the accuser of Pierre Palmade to a two-year prison sentence on Friday evening, one of which was suspended, for having supplied synthetic drugs to individuals, including the comedian, according The Parisian And other media who were able to attend the judgment.

This man, heard in February, claimed to have a video showing Pierre Palmade viewing a child pornography video. The Parisian home of Pierre Palmade and his house located in Cély-en-Bière (Seine-et-Marne) had been searched. At this stage, no charges have been brought against the comedian in this case.

194,000 euros affected for these evenings

According The Parisian, the man, however at the RSA, spent between 5,000 and 7,000 euros per month. “Without declaring a penny in taxes, he earns his living by ensuring the communication of a sex shop, by turning in gay pornographic films and selling his services as an escort” writes the daily. And by organizing, therefore, “Chemsex” evenings in his apartment, thanks to which he received 194,000 euros in two years.

The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed on Tuesday the release under judicial supervision of Pierre Palmade after the serious road accident he caused on February 10 under the influence of cocaine. The 54-year-old comedian “is prohibited from leaving the hospital where he is”.

The 6-year-old boy, whose vital prognosis had been committed at the time of the accident, is doing better. He can’t walk or talk and walks with a corset but he’s back to school as reported by his family. The 38-year-old father is still hospitalized.

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