Forest kindergartens: The fireflies in Grünsink are threatened with extinction – Bavaria

Here there are no rooms set up by adults – instead the forest offers play without ready-made materials: forest kindergartens are booming. But like everywhere there is a lack of staff. The fireflies in Grünsink are therefore threatened with extinction again after two years.


Patrizia Steipe

Children kneel in front of a tree trunk and work the bark with stones. Josef looked for a particularly large stone for this job, but he only managed to scrape off the stuck bark a millimeter at a time. But the forest kindergarten child has stamina, and he clearly enjoys the exertion. At the other end of the tree trunk, branched roots rise up. Two children use them to climb. Next to it, children have built a camp out of branches, which they furnish with tree discs. Two girls use scissors to cut tufts of hay to make a soft bed.

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