Eric and Ramzy unveil “Comedy Class”, a comedian talent show on Prime Video

France discovered them with H Or The infernal Montparnasse Tower. This time, they are the ones who will discover the future great talents of French humor.

Eric and Ramzy will host their own comedy talent show, “Comedy Class” on Prime Video starting April 26. “We are going to try to discover the person who will bury us,” says the duo, who will set off in search of their nuggets across France and Belgium.

Everyone will then compete on a stage with an audience, where Eric and Ramzy will be joined by an attractive jury, ranging from Florence Foresti to Marina Foïs, including Jean-Pascal Zadi, Jérôme Niel and Mister V. Distinguished guests who will put put the competitors to the test throughout the nine episodes, also providing them with valuable advice.

On the program, tests around the absurd, black humor, or even roast… The young comedians will have to make the difference because only one of them will win and the 50,000 euros that go with it.

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