DIRECT. Agricultural Show: “Public action is not selfies”, declares Marc Fesneau about Jordan Bardella

“Public action is not selfies”, judges Mar Fesneau

Marc Fesneau did not fail to greet Jordan Bardella upon his arrival at the Agricultural Show.

Sébastien Chenu, RN deputy: “What a waste of time!” He affirms that the RN already offers the floor price

The RN deputy Sébastien Chenu was the guest of France Info .

Manuel Bompard, LFI, jokes about floor prices and the attitude of the Minister of Agriculture

Close-up on the “floor prices” desired by Emmanuel Macron for farmers

Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture: “I am not afraid of global competition because France is powerful”

The Minister of Agriculture was the guest of CNews And Europe 1 this Sunday morning.

PS candidate for the European elections Raphaël Glucksmann visits the Agricultural Show

Jordan Bardella denies the RN’s plan to leave the EU and the common market

“Why fight us on dishonest arguments?” asked Jordan Bardella on BFMTV. He responded that the National Rally was not in favor of leaving the European Union or the common market. “On the other hand, we hope that we can find rules.”

Arnaud Rousseau, president of the FNSEA: “What we want to find again is the dignity and meaning of our profession”

Arnaud Rousseau, president of the FNSEA, is the guest of RTL’s “Great debate” at midday. “What we want to find is dignity and a sense of the profession.” He recalled that France imported nearly a third of its population’s food. “We are clearly opening our doors to products that do not respect our standards or our production standards.”

Jordan Bardella, president of the RN: “Everywhere Emmanuel Macron goes, he arouses rejection and disorder”

The president of the RN Jordan Bardella pointed out the “quite worrying and dangerous schizophrenic drift” of Emmanuel Macron for having accused the National Rally of being at the origin of the disorder seen and heard on Saturday at the Agricultural Show.

Arnaud Rousseau, president of the FNSEA: “We understand this violence, since we experience it ourselves”

“We do not want violence but we understand this violence since we experience it ourselves,” declared Arnaud Rousseau, the president of the FNSEA on RTL . “When we do not meet strong expectations, or 48 hours before this meeting with this simulacrum of a great debate where we invited the Earth Uprisings, we add fuel to the fire”. “Now we must move forward,” asks Arnaud Rousseau. And added: “The President of the Republic, I’m not sure he had a good day yesterday.”

Jordan Bardella, president of the RN: “For several years, we have been calling for this change in software which is expected by a large part of farmers”

Guest of BFMTV since the Agricultural Show, Jordan Bardella says his party is generally well received at the Agricultural Show. His explanation: “For several years now, we have been calling for this software change which is, I believe, awaited by a large part of farmers”. He cited “the multiplication of free trade agreements, the overtransposition of standards, submission to the Green Deal and the ideology of punitive ecology”.

Arnaud Rousseau, president of the FNSEA, describes “a situation of total chaos”

The president of the FNSEA Arnaud Rousseau returned to RTL at midday on the eventful opening and the tense situation, Saturday, for the first day of the Agricultural Show. “The spectacle that was given is not very glorious for all of us.” He says: “I’ve never seen that. It was a situation of total chaos.” But he is not surprised by what happened: “I am not surprised. It has been weeks, we said it, that we have felt this anger rising, this dull anger that we already had measured on the blocking points almost three weeks ago and which we had described to the Head of State”. Arnaud Rousseau: “This anger was translated into a form that, for my part, I regret.”

Fronton wines rewarded at the Agricultural Show

Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau tackles Jordan Bardella

Guest of CNews And Europe 1 this morning, the Minister of Agriculture blocked the visit, photos and autographs of the president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella. “Success is meeting farmers’ expectations, it’s not taking selfies,” declared Marc Fesneau.

Crowd bath for Jordan Bardella in the aisles of the Agricultural Show

RN Jordan Bardella arrived at the Agricultural Show

The president of the National Rally and head of the RN list in the European elections on June 9 Jordan Bardella arrived at the Agricultural Show which he will visit in the morning. He declared upon his arrival that his party had “always been alongside farmers for ten years”.

Emmanuel Macron: a beer stand to end his 1 p.m. marathon day, Saturday

The Agricultural Show opened its doors peacefully at 9 a.m. for the second day

Portrait of a farmer: Yann Puech came from Aude to Paris with his Gasconnes des Pyrénées

Portrait of a farmer: Joseph Nusse puts Lot-et-Garonne pork in the spotlight at the Agricultural Show

The A62 still cut between Montauban and Agen in both directions

The A62 Bordeaux-Toulouse remains cut this Sunday between Montauban and Agen in both directions of traffic due to the mobilization of farmers. Since Tuesday February 20, it is obligatory to leave the A62 at Agen (n°7) in the Bordeaux-Toulouse direction and at Montauban (n°10) in the Toulouse-Bordeaux direction.

Gabriel Attal Tuesday morning at the Agricultural Show

RTL announces that it will receive Prime Minister Gabriel Attal live from the Agricultural Show, in its morning show, Tuesday February 27 from 7:30 a.m. He will answer questions from Amandine Bégot and François Lenglet for his first radio interview since he was appointed to Matignon.

3 farmers arrested Saturday at the Agricultural Show will be judged

In the morning chaos of the Agricultural Show, 6 demonstrators were arrested, 3 of whom will later be summoned by the courts.

8 police officers injured Saturday at the Agricultural Show

At the end of the first day of the Agricultural Show, 8 police officers were injured, two of them more seriously. Paris police chief Laurent Nuñez recognized “extremely tense moments” in the face of “300 to 400” vindictive demonstrators.

“When it gets to this point, the situation is out of control”

The national secretary of the CRS Alliance and former head of security groups for the president and the prime minister, Johann Cavallero, is critical of the chaos that surrounded the first day of the Agricultural Show. “When it gets to this point, the situation is out of control,” believes this former police officer. “I have never seen this.” On Saturday, there were plainclothes police officers from the Paris police headquarters, police officers from CRS 8 (the unit specializing in operations to combat urban and other violence), CRS, mobile gendarmes, forces of the order on horseback.

Several politicians visiting the Agricultural Show today

In addition to the president of the RN Jordan Bardella, several women and politicians will visit the Agricultural Show this Sunday, in this year of European elections: this is the case of the president of LR Eric Ciotti and the European deputy LFI Manon Aubry.

Jordan Bardella this Sunday at the Agricultural Show

The president of the RN and head of the National Rally list Jordan Bardella is expected in the aisles of the Agricultural Show this Sunday. The RN was several times targeted by verbal attacks from Emmanuel Macron on Saturday. Marine Le Pen’s party is leading the polls for the European elections in June 2024.

The agricultural orientation bill presented on March 20

During his meetings with farmers, Emmanuel Macron announced that the agricultural orientation bill, which has already been postponed several times, would be presented to the Council of Ministers on March 20. Emmanuel Macron raised the idea of ​​a “floor price” sector by sector, “an emergency cash flow plan” and gave a meeting to farmers in three weeks.

A look back at Saturday’s clashes at the Agricultural Show

1 p.m. Agricultural Show for Emmanuel Macron

Never has a trip by a President of the Republic been so tense at the Agricultural Show. It was very often under boos and whistles that Emmanuel Macron walked the aisles, interacting with farmers, in an often tense atmosphere. Emmanuel Macron stayed on site for 13 hours until the Salon closed for this first day. “Who would have said this morning that 12 hours later, we would find ourselves here continuing to work, to move forward?” welcomed the Head of State.

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