“Foreign agent”, “national laziness”, Bardella at the center of attacks for the 1st seven-party debate

On Sunday, for the first time, the seven main candidates for the European elections debated together for two hours on RTL. On this occasion, Valérie Hayer (Renaissance), Raphaël Glucksmann (PS-Place publique), Manon Aubry (LFI), Marie Toussaint (Les Écologues), François-Xavier Bellamy (LR) and Marion Maréchal (Reconquête!) concentrated most of their barbs to the National Rally candidate, Jordan Bardella. The latter crystallized the attacks for this first full debate on European women.

From the first part of the discussions, devoted to European defense issues and Ukraine, the ultra-favorite in the polls was the target of attacks from his rivals because of his party’s links with Russia, which granted several loans in the past.

“The party of national laziness”

“You are a foreign agent,” Marie Toussaint told him, while Valérie Hayer criticized the RN for never having supported the “condemnations (of the European Parliament) against the imprisonment of the Russian opponent” Alexeï Navalny , who has since died in prison, and that Raphaël Glucksmann underlined his vote against the creation of a European defense fund. “You seem to agree for fifteen minutes,” mocked Jordan Bardella.

Another angle of attack, that of the work provided by the MEP in the European Parliament, with only “21 amendments” tabled in the space of five years. “You are no longer the party with the national flame, but the party with national laziness,” quipped Manon Aubry.

Or even that of his presence on social networks: “read the texts that you vote for, stop spending your time on TikTok”, told him Raphaël Glucksmann, who himself left this network because of its links with China .

The RN candidate’s answers

Seasoned to the exercise, the RN candidate rolled out his arguments, castigating “Macron’s Europe with imposed immigration, punitive ecology, fiscal hell for our business leaders, unfair competition, the war of all against all.”

The Macronist candidate – put in difficulty in the part devoted to immigration, while she refused to answer the question of whether there was “too much immigration” in France – underlined the “historical” issue » of these elections.

“In this tipping point” she invited voters to choose a Europe that “protects” them, by strengthening European defense and border security, by initiating “a major shock of investments to be competitive” and by defending its “democratic model”.

If the debaters kept their distance from the controversies on the Middle East which have agitated the national debate for several months, Jordan Bardella did not fail to caricature Manon Aubry as “Madame Hamas”, after she accused him of to cast “disgrace on our fellow citizens of the Muslim faith”.

“Raphaël, if you want to be consistent, leave the PSE group”

On the left, the exchanges were less corrosive than what the incessant controversies between France Insoumise and the PS in recent days might suggest. “Raphaël, if you want to be consistent, leave the PSE group”, the European Socialist Party, however, Manon Aubry told Raphaël Glucksmann, reproaching him for the votes of the group to which he belongs, which ultimately contributed to “budgetary austerity”. free trade agreements and energy market reform.

Marie Toussaint, for her part, castigated the “Tartuffe ball” of those who think on the right and the extreme right that “to protect the environment above all, nothing should be done”, and pointed out the supposed reversals of the President of the Republic on the subject.

The right-wing candidate François-Xavier Bellamy tried to get out of the game by recalling that the LR deputies belong to the first group of the European Parliament, that of the EPP, while calling for a “change of course”. “It is we who can get Madame (Ursula) von der Leyen [actuelle présidente de la Commission européenne, issue du PPE] does not have a second term,” he defended.

On the far right, the Reconquest candidate! Marion Maréchal refrained from criticizing the RN candidate, but concluded that there was no “lost vote” in a proportional election, a way of avoiding a “useful vote” effect in favor of the RN which she came from.

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