WWE WrestleMania night one: Start time, results and latest news as The Rock takes to the ring for his first match since return in the main event after Becky Lynch comes up short and new champions are crowned


Entering the closing stages…

The pace has slowed a bit now, with all four men back in the ring.

The Rock delivers a low blow to Rollins – of course illegal – and the referee apologises to Rhodes. Manipulation by someone in power there.

Reigns prevents Cody tagging in and The Rock locks the Sharpshooter in. Rhodes enters and smacks The Rock in the face.

It feels we are entering the closing stages…

The Rock and Reigns on top

Rollins and The Rock are brawling in one area of the arena. Rhodes and Reigns elsewhere.

The Rock spits water in Rollins’ face. Cool.

We’re back into the ring now. Rollins is holding his knee, having recently returned from a knee injury. Likely a work, though.

There’s a sort of sub-plot that The Rock being on the board means he can do what he wants.

The Rock swears… again

You cannot stop the chants for The Rock.

He wants Rhodes to tag in, and tag in he does. These two have somewhat carried this rivalry, I think it’s fair to say.

We’ve had the first swear of the match… The Rock telling the referee that he does not f*** around. He demanded there is no count out, or the referee is fired.

The Rock tags in

A few graps between the former Shield partners before Rhodes tags in.

A preview of tomorrow night’s main event.

The first time in eight years.

We are underway

Here we go. Rollins and Reigns start.

Reigns joins his cousin in the ring

Roman Reigns has shown up to work! Sorry, awful joke.

The man who has not had a match since the Royal Rumble in January and has held his title for over 1,300 days has made his way to the ring for his eighth WrestleMania main event.

If The Bloodline win, tomorrow’s main event between Reigns and Rhodes is Bloodline Rules. If not, it’s one on one.

The Rock takes to the ring

Everyone was waiitng to see what The Rock’s entrance would be, and it does not disappoint.

Fire. Lightening. A belt. What more could you possibly ask for?

Rhodes and Rollins are first out

Cody is out first, rising to the stage just as he did two years ago when he returned – against Seth Rollins.

Rollins of course follows him.

Time for the Tribal Chief and Final Boss…

The Rock and Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

There’s so mcuch to how this comes about. The Rock’s return, the potential match against Reigns, the tag match, the Rumble, last year.

Another chance to plug this from Alex, which runs it down really well.

The entraces are a matter of moments away.

WrestleMania night one attendance revealed

General managers Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis take to the ring to reveal the night one attendance. 72,543 fans here, as well as Vanessa Hudgens, Wale, Druski, and more.

The Rock is moments away

If you came for the main man – he will be out soon.

Zayn ends Gunther’s streak

The streak is over! 666 days!

Sami Zayn has done it. You can hear the emotion in ring announcer Samantha Irwin’s voice.

One of the biggest upsets of the last decade.

Michael Cole may not be far wrong. I feel like I can’t even remember the last time Gunther wasn’t champion.

Zayn hugs his wife in the front row.


Gunther is talking to Sami’s wife.

Some brutal slaps going in now. They hurt for real.

Stay down Sami, you’re not going to do it.

The words of Corey Graves.

I think there may be a referee stoppage soon.

Gunther goes to the top rope. Splash. Splash. Sami trying to fight back.. Helluva Kick! Brainbuster! Helluva Kick! Helluva Kick!

Zayn kicks out two powerbombs

I think that may be that.

Gunther kicks out the Helluva Kick

For a bried moment it looks as if Zayn is lining up the Helluva Kick but he received a drop kick for his troubles, followed by a powerbomb. But Zayn kicks out!

Gunther just hit his own Helluva Kick. Lol.


Zayn fighting as the underdog

Zayn’s wife is in the front row for this one, with the camera regularly panning to her.

He had an underdog story on his run to the NXT Championship years ago and it’s similar here. He’s taking an early beating but coming into it a little bit. I think we are expecting this one to go long.

Sami Zayn’s emotional journey

Sami speaks to his family backstage. That’s a nice segment. His son tells him he can do it and asks him to play his song.

He then speaks to Gable, who I assume will be involved, though he tells Zayn to go out there on his own… and then tells him he owes him a favour. Interesting.

The segment ends with Zayn meeting tag partner Kevin Owens – they main evented last year together against the Usos – who hugs him before he walks out. He could do this, you know.

Gunther defends his title next

Next up is the penultimate match of the night. Gunther vs Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental title.

Gunther is the longest-reigning intercontinental champion of all time. Sami Zayn main-evented WrestleMania last year.

He won a gauntlet match to earn this match. He beat Chad Gable in the final, and has received coaching from him since.

An underdog story. My money is on Gunther retaining, but he has to be in the main event soon, so we will see.


It’s breaking down a bit now. Asuka juts hit the mist on her own partner, Kairi Sane. She then receives a KoD… then Cargill plants Kai.

One, two, three. That’s that.

Cargill enters the fray

Bianca Belair is showing off her skills here. She has also main evented WrestleMania. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is feuding with Cargill in the near future, actually.

Naomi, by the way, is the real-life partner of Jimmy Uso.

A big cheer from the crowd as they tease a tag to Cargill, but she’s not in yet.

Jade Cargill takes to the ring alongside Bianca Belair and Naomi

Quite an entrace for the team of Cargill, Belair and Naomi. They all look like megastars.

A historical moment for WWE, with Cargill at WrestleMania.

We are underway in the six-women tag match.

Triple H praises the new tag champs

The boss has had his say on X.

Jade Cargill is up next!

Quite a big one up next. Jade Cargill is making her ‘proper’ debut.

Having signed from AEW, she was in the Royal Rumble match but has now aligned with Bianca Belair and Naomi and will tackle Damage CTRL next.

Cargill had some choice words for AEW earlier this week…

Jey wins the civil war

No involvement from Solo, then – the third brother.

Just like that it’s done. Maybe I’m being critical, maybe someone was injured, but that was a bit naff, I think.


Jey helps his brother up. Jimmy kicks him in the face.

Jimmy hits the frog splash. Jey kicks out! I thought the Usos were back, Pat McAfee says on commentary.

Jey hits a spear, and a frog splash in response. He wins.

A bit flat, maybe? Interesting one.

Jimmy begs for forgiveness

This isn’t really a wrestling match right now. Jey is kicking the hell out of Jimmy.

I’m your twin brother. Get up.

Jimmy puts his hands up to surrender. Jey pulls out a kick.

I’m sorry. I was wrong for everything.

A personal feel

Bit of a slow start to this one, with WWE going for a personal angle to this one. Naturally.

Jimmy in control, kicking the life out of his brother.

They then trade blows with a little ‘yeet-no yeet’ battle taking place in the crowd.

A lot of dialogue in this one.

Uso vs Uso underway

Lil Wayne, announced as the greatest rapper of all time, does, something, then introduced Jey Uso.

Jey is incredibly over with the crowd. Expect lots of ‘yeet’ noises from those in attendance.

Jimmy comes out alone. Solo Sikoa will likely join him at some point. I think it’s fair to say he hasn’t flourised quite as much as a singles star as Jey has.

We are underway – Jey wastes no time going after his brother.

The Usos civil war is next

Anyway, next we have just the third WrestleMania match in history that sees two real-life brothers go head-to-head. Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso.

Last year, these two main evented night one of WrestleMania on the same team. This year, they go up against each other.

Having joined forced to take on The Bloodline and Roman Reigns, Jimmy turned on Jey last year, and the rivalry has been bubbling ever since.



No Carlito turn today then, fair enough.


Who on earth? Santos just called for a chair and two massive men in masks stopped him. Not sure who that was entirely.

Rey hits the 619, Andrade connects… REY AND AN ANDRADE WIN!

LWO members get involved

A really cool double-stacked crossbody early on from Andrade and Rey. Then a little callback as Rey gets his belt ready to whip Dominik, just like last year.

Escobar is trying to de-mask Rey now. No luck.

Everyone is scrapping now. LWO and LDF involved.

Rey Mystero and Andrade vs Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar underway

Next up is Rey Mysterio and Andrade versus Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

A lot of hisotry behind this one. Rey was sided by both his opponents at one point in recent times – he was the first father-son tag champion alongside Dominik before the latter turned a couple of years ago, and Rey beat him at last year’s WrestleMania.

Rey then re-formed the LWO with Escobar, who also turned on him and re-formed Legado del Fantasma.

Rey was due to tag with Dragon Lee tonight, but he was ‘taken out’ last night on SmackDown and Andrade stepped in to replace him.

Carlito has been around too. Potential spoiler here – I think he will turn on Rey tonight, having been frustrated that he has not been chosen as his partner at any point.

The tag titles are split

A real feel-good moment to end that one, then. R Truth has a lot of fans, myself included. He is comedy gold.

I’m slightly surprised The Judgement Day didn’t retain one belt but the two winners are two solid tag teams to carry the belts forward.

Right decision to split the belts too, I think.


JD McDonagh now goes through a table! Falling off a ladder!

Priest is up. Takes Woods’ head off and delivers Razor’s Edge to Kingston.

Priest and Miz are on the ladder, which is destroyed. A big chokeslam is botched because of the dodgy ladder I think. The referee was trying to tell him.

R Truth delives an AA to Priest! He climbs… Judgement Day recover… NO THEY DO NOT! AWESOME TRUTH TAKE THE RAW TITLES!

Through the table!

Gargano of DIY and Dunne of New Catch Republic have just gone through a table and it looked PAINFUL!

R Truth is climbing the ladder… and JD McDonagh stops him! He is not in the match but is in The Judgement Day!

He sets up a ladder… Finn Balor climbs it…Kofi Kingston comes in with a steel chair to stop it!



It came after DIY and Awesoem Truth had agreed to take one set of titles each. It didn’t end well, and Waller took one set of titles. Though he went through a table seconds later.

R Truth bringing the laughs

Cool moves from New Catch Republic, with Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate – two Brits, by the way – performing moonsaults from the top of a ladder.

R Truth is trying to tag in, I love it. He is so funny.

Now he’s going for the pin. Too good.

Ladders involved early on

The tag match is underway. I say tag match, there is not tagging. A free for all.

It doesn’t take long for the ladders to get involved. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller of A Town Down Under go for the titles early.

One ladder goes down. The other follows.

Chaos early on. Good stuff.

Tag ladder match up next

Right, next up we have a ladder match. Tag titles. Six teams. The Judgement Day are the current champions.

New Catch Republic, DIY, The Awesome Truth, A Town Down Under and The New Day make up the competitors.

The interesting thing is that there are two lots of titles here. They were unified a while back, and I expect them to be split here.

The match will continue until both sets of titles are claimed. Expect one team to retrieve one, another the other.

A DX tribute from DIY in the entrances, which are quite quick due to time constraints.

Will anyone stop Ripley?

A year crossed successfully, and not many left to take over the reigns.

Ripley is dominant. A good start, I think.

Here’s Mail Sport’s Alex McCarthy with Rhea in Australia earlier this year. For no real reason, to be honest.


More trash talk from Ripley, who orders her opponent to give up.

Lynch going for the second rope Manhandle Slam.

Rhea hits a Ripside onto the buckle! Then in the middle of the ring. It’s over this time!

Lynch kicks out the Riptide

Lynch kicks out the Riptide this time!

Both women have now kicked out the other’s finisher. We continue. I did think that was the end.

Superplex from Lynch… into the dis-arm-her… surely Ripley won’t tap…

She does not. She instead drops her opponet outside the ring, telling the referee to shut up on the way.

A frogsplash… kick out!

Ripley kicks out the Manhandle Slam

The two women are now slapping the hell out of each other.

The angle here is that Ripley has a bad arm. She’s fallen on it once or twice and has just been thrown into the turnbuckle arm first and then put in the dis-arm-her.

A feel we are nearing the finish of the opening match…

All sorts of submissions from Ripley. Lynch breaks out.

Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam! Her finisher – but Ripley kicks out!

Ripley on top

Lync h has just absolutely eaten a knee to the face.

A few of the announcers have been moaning about the cold. A stadium show, of course.

Ripley powers out of an arm bar and powerbombs Lynch out of the move. Three times.

Apparently it ‘feels like’ eight degrees celcius.

Fans behind the champion

I mentioned it earlier – fans are behind Ripley here. ‘Let’s go Mami (Ripley’s nickname)’, the chants.

Apparently Lynch has been really ill this week.

The champion is controlling things early. A bit of showboating. Bit of an underdog, fight from underneath, feel to this one.

Ripley vs Lynch is underway

Right, Lynch and Ripley are good to go. Becky is out first, the challenger, and Ripley second.

The champion gets a live performance. Motionless in White, I’m told is the name of the band.

Anyway, we are underway. One of the harder matches to predict, I feel.

Triple H arrives!

The first surprise of ‘Mania.

Michael Cole is bigging him up again. Fair enough I suppose.

Man, I live for this. Welcome to a new time, a new era.

Then he’s off. Making a point of it being his first Mania I think.

Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch out soon

Coco Jones (no idea) has sung the national anthem. I forgot they do that.

All of The Judgement Day (bar JD McDonagh) are in action tonight in three different matches.

Ripley is up first. She has declared the group will be dominant.

Ripley and Lynch are about to make their entrances.

WrestleMania is underway!

The announcers have made their entrances – CM Punk has had a dig at Vince McMahon – and we are ready to go.

Meek Mill starts us off with some words. He’s doing something tonight I think. Not really sure who he is to be honest with you.

Philadelphia. Megastars. Let’s do it!

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - APRIL 05: WWE professional wrestler and actor Cody Rhodes is seen leaving the WrestleMania "Circle of Champions" event hosted by WWE and the Make-A-Wish Foundation at The Franklin Institute on April 05, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)

Rhea Ripley is up first

Rhea Ripley will defend her Women’s World Championship first up tonight then against Becky Lynch.

She has held her title since April 1 last year, which is over a year, having beaten Charlotte Flair at last year’s WrestleMania.

Ripley, still only 27, is by far the most popular star in women’s wrestling right now. She is a baddie – a ‘heel’, wrestling lingo again – but gets cheered every single week.

Lynch is a legend and the rivalry is personal. Will be really intiriguing to see who wins.

Here’s a video of Ripley pushing Austin Theory at the Hall of Fame. Funny.


Logan Paul announced a few weeks ago that his and KSI’s PRIME had signed a partnership with WWE and it would see the logo plastered on the canvas in Premium Live Events.

I wasn’t sure whether to believe it, but it looks like it is true.

It’s… yeah. Interesting.

The Triple H era

If you’re a wrestling fan you will know by now that Triple H is running things in WWE these days. It was Vince McMahon for ages. He faces trafficking allegations. Search our site for more information on that, I’m reluctant to talk too much about it tonight.

Speaking as a fan here, WWE has moved forward absolute miles since HHH took charge. I think many agree.

The wrestlers are happier – they have said themselves. WWE is a better place to work – that is know. And for the fans, the stories, characters and events have come on leaps and bounds.

Paul Heyman was inducted into the Hall of Fame last night. He paid tribute to a man named Paul Levesque. Some know him as Triple H.

This is well and truly the Triple H era. And we will launch it – properly – in around 20 minutes.

Night one match order

Right, it’s not been confirmed, but I have reliably information that the order of the card will be as followed…

  • Ripley vs Lynch
  • Tag title ladder match
  • Mysterio and Andrade vs Escobar and… Mysterio
  • Uso vs Uso
  • Cargill, Belair and Naomi vs Damage CTRL
  • Zayn vs Gunther
  • Rock and Reigns vs Rhodes and Rollins

Shoutout to PWInsider for the info.

WWE sign Giula?

As I mentioned earlier, NXT Stand and Deliver took place earlier and featured some cool matches. Worth checking it out if you can.

It seems that WWE have signed Giula, a Japanese star, and she will be in NXT going forward.

I’ve got the Coundown show on the Network and Pat McAfee has just spoken about how Cody Rhodes suffered a fire on his tour bus just days ago.

This wasn’t wrestling stuff, either, this was real life. It really happened.

Read more below. Pretty scary stuff.

The Final Boss speaks

Speaking of The Rock… he has been working hard to push his match. Training, getting a ring sent to his house, social media promos…

He shared one final hype package on his social media ahead of tonight. I cannot promise there aren’t expletives, so be wary of them, but he is more than ready.

We are now under an hour until the show gets underway, by the way. 12pm start UK time.

The Rock was on tv last night, inducting his grandmother, Lia Maivia, into the Hall of Fame.

He did turn it into a bit of a shoot, pushing his match for tonight, but we will let him off because of what he has done since his comeback.

It all started earlier this year, when he returned as a good guy – or a ‘face’ in wrestling lingo – and seemed set to face Roman Reigns for his title.

The fans did not like that.

Now we are here. Alex has detailed everything that’s gone on for The Final Boss since then. Well worth a read.

SmackDown recap

WrestleMania may be yet to start but WrestleMania weekend is already well underway.

SmackDown took place last night, followed by the Hall of Fame and then NXT’s Stand and Deliver was held earlier today.

The go-home episode of SmackDown delivered. The Rock and Roman Reigns were not present, but Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins were, with the former giving his final promo before taking on Roman Reigns tomorrow for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens also attacked Logan Paul, Andrade got into the Mysterio civil war match (more on that later) and The Judgement Day made their presences felt.

A HUGE crowd expected in Philadelphia

I’ve been thinking about how to approach this live blog tonight. I’ve done a lot of football and I don’t support a big team – it’s Gillingham (laughs) – so have never really struggled with being a ‘fan’.

With wrestling, I am a fannnnnnn. And I’m not going to lie, I am hyped. I would assume if you are following our coverage tonight you are a fan too, so let’s be fans together and really enjoy this.

The fans are already fleeing into the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, which will be sold out tonight.

Night one card

We have a big night ahead – American readers, you are lucky! – so let’s detail the card that is ahead of us tonight.

The match order is unclear, bar the main event…

  • Rhea Ripley vs Becky Lynch
  • The Judgement Day vs DIY vs The Awesome Truth vs The New Day vs A Town Down Under vs New Catch Republic
  • Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill and Naomi vs Damage CTRL
  • Rey Mysterio and Andrade vs Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar
  • Gunther vs Sami Zayn
  • Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso
  • The Rock and Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins
WWE Elimination Chamber with Grayson Waller, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and Austin Theory at Optus Stadium in Perth, Western Australia. 24 Feb 2024 Pictured: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller. Photo credit: FAITH MORAN/MEGA  TheMegaAgency.com +1 888 505 6342

It’s WrestleMania weekend!

Hello one and all and welcome to Mail Sport’s live coverage for WrestleMania weekend!

It’s the biggest two nights of the year in wrestling and potentially the biggest WrestleMania ever. I think that makes it the biggest weekend in the history of wrestling, right?

I’m Lewis Browning and I’ll be here both nights to talk you through all the action. We have so, so much ahead of us, and I cannot wait.

Strap – and I do not say this lightly – in.

HOUSTON, TEXAS - MARCH 11: A Wrestlemania sign is seen in the rafters during WWE Monday Night RAW at Toyota Center on March 11, 2024 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images)
HOUSTON, TEXAS - MARCH 11: Cody Rhodes points to the Wrestlemania banner during WWE Monday Night RAW at Toyota Center on March 11, 2024 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images)
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  • The Rock takes to the ring








  • Night one match order

  • The Rock’s WWE return

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