The 25 Best Women’s Deodorants for Odor

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Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD

We have made a reliable record of the 25 best women’s deodorants for anyone wanting to get some serious options when it comes to an odor controller that you can trust. Armpits can be our worst enemies when it comes to irritability, stank control, and excess perspiration. With the cost of living being a crisis all over the world, deodorant searching can be a risky business. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a new deodorant, using it once, and then having to get rid of it because it doesn’t work. So, here are the 25 best women’s deodorants for odor.

1. Blu Atlas Coconut Apricot Deodorant

The dermatologists at Blu Atlas have blessed our armpits with a clean vegan formula made with premium ingredients. If you like a natural option but need help managing your sweat and odor (because, let’s be honest, most natural deodorants do not feel like they are truly deodorizing), this is the deodorant for you. The ingredients are from natural origins, such as plants, fruits, and minerals. Their special deodorizing blend is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, preservatives, aluminum, synthetic dye, and cruelty! This is an excellent deodorant choice for those with sensitive skin. If you’re uncertain that it will work for you, Blue Atlas offers a money-back guarantee—that’s how confident they are in their deodorant’s abilities.

Some of their ingredients include horsetail extract, volcanic ash, Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem extract, and sage leaf. These ingredients work together to keep you smelling fresh and to neutralize odor. Horsetail extract comes from the Equisetum arvense plant and has been used in historical medical practices for centuries. Horsetail’s purpose in this product is to soothe the skin and reduce irritation with its anti-inflammatory abilities. Volcanic Ash (also known as bentonite) is excellent at soaking up surplus oil and extracting impurities. Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem extract is used to even out under-am skin tones, calming inflammation on the skin, reducing bacteria, and hydrating the skin.

2. Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant & Deodorant Cream


Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant & Deodorant Cream

This deodorant is a cream that is made to be rubbed on your underarms in the morning before going about your day. After applying the cream, you can expect protection against odor and perspiration for up to 24 hours. Feel confident during the day, knowing that odor is soaked up by drying ingredients, and your armpits will still be free of irritation. This Keihl’s deodorant is perfect for easily irritated skin with its hydrating properties and unscented formulation.

Some of the key ingredients include witch hazel and aluminum chlorohydrate. Witch hazel is a cleansing and softening formula that contains extracts from the witch hazel plant. Aluminum chlorohydrate is an aluminum salt that is soft on the skin yet effective on odor and sweat. Before you go about your day, cover your armpit with an even amount of the cream.

3. Estee Lauder Youth-Dew Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Estee Lauder Youth-Dew Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Made from Estee Lauder’s infamous perfume “Youth-Dew,” the popular scent launched in 1953 has been made into a crowd-pleasing deodorant. The fragrance itself is a rich combination of amber and spice. It has a captivating aroma like no other with its exotic and sexy persona. Thanks to its scent-focused concoction, you are sure to have your body odor made redundant when it’s on. The product comes in a roll-on bottle that moves smoothly around your underarms. You don’t have to worry about making your clothes soaked around the armpit area from perspiration, nor white from the deodorant rubbing onto clothes. This roll-on is gentle yet powerful when it comes to protection against odor.

The Youth-Dew fragrance itself was one of the first perfumes to be made with the intention for women to purchase it for themselves as opposed to women waiting for it to be purchased by a man for them (like it traditionally was in the 1950s). It truly is the independent women’s deodorant.

4. Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant

Made for those who don’t want any nasty ingredients touching their skin yet prioritize having their odor restricted. This stick deodorant contains moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and other naturally derived ingredients to hydrate your underarms. Native’s deodorant is creamy, non-greasy, and soft, which makes for an easy application to the delicate area. Expect a day’s worth of your odor under control and for your armpits to be left unirrigated. The stick is free of cruelty, phthalates, aluminum, and talc.

Choose from so many yummy-smelling flavors such as coconut & vanilla; jasmine & cedar; vanilla & sandalwood; powder & cotton; grapefruit & bergamot; gummy bears; black oak & amber; honey & white oak; sweet peach & nectar; blackberry & green tea; lavender & rose; lilac & white tea; cucumber & mint; eucalyptus & mint; buttercream & french vanilla; sea salt & cedar; sour berry belts; strawberry & vanilla taffy; citrus & herbal musk; sweet cinnamon hearts; charcoal; and unscented.

5. Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

This deodorant provides the ultimate defense against odor and sweat. It has a refreshing scent of eucalyptus, so you can feel confident with a fresh-smelling body during the day. The natural neutralizing ingredients of citronellyl and eucalyptus extract work hard to protect you for 24 hours. Those with sensitive skin are saved with the Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant for its gentle yet productive properties. Expect your sweat to be absorbed, your shirts to remain stainless under the arms, your skin to be soothed, and your pores to be unclogged.

Your armpit’s new friend comes in two different sizes, 2.6 oz and 1 oz, perfect for traveling. Once you’re finished with the product, clean out any leftover product in the bottle and put it in a recycling bin. This formula is made without any alcohol, aluminum, parabens, or baking soda.

6. Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant

Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant

Moisturize and soothe your armpits with a natural deodorant that limits the bacteria often behind an odor. It also neutralizes odor and ensures your underarms are kept clean all day. The stick deodorant is made with 98% of ingredients that are from natural origins. The key ingredients are organic eucalyptus, organic grape water, and glycerin. Organic eucalyptus gives armpits a natural feeling of freshness all day long. Organic grape water is used to make your skin healthier with its prebiotics that soothes and moisturizes. Glycerine helps the stick roll smoothly around the armpit and ensures the skin stays hydrated. The formula is silicone-free, aluminum-free, bicarbonate-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and alcohol-free. According to the company, when switching to a natural deodorant from a regular one, you may need to reapply the deodorant more than once a day while your body gets used to not having the aluminum.

7. HAAN Purifying Verbena Deodorant

HAAN Purifying Verbena Deodorant

This refillable gem is a deodorant that can save your armpits and the environment. Lather your armpits in a fine layer of the product and be protected from odor for 24 hours. The formula hydrates the skin and balances its microbiome. The ingredients are 93% natural and make it smell like a fresh blend of flowers and wood.

The ingredients include HAAN’s xylitol, prebiotic complex, tapioca, and sage oil complex. Xylitol limits bacteria from sticking to the skin with its antimicrobial activity. The prebiotic complex is full of helpful bacteria for the skin. Tapioca acts as an aluminum replacement that soaks up sweat and leaves the skin feeling silky. Sage oil complex blocks the bacteria responsible for bad odor once mixed with sweat.


8. Mitchum Clinical Stick Powder Fresh

Mitchum Clinical Stick Powder Fresh

Live your life to the fullest with a deodorant that is on it when it comes to odor and sweat. Dermatologists designed this clinical-strength deodorant to limit wetness and cut out any odor. It protects you against odor for up to 48 hours and sweat for up to 24 hours. The formula conditions the skin and is effective for the most perspiring underarms. You can apply this deodorant in the mornings, but it is recommended that you put it on in the evenings before bed. Mitchum’s Clinical Stick Powder Fresh works its magic while you’re asleep and rolls its protection through to the next day, even if you have a shower. You can apply it in the mornings as well for extra protection.


9. Kopari Aluminum-Free Coconut Deodorant

Kopari Aluminum-Free Coconut Deodorant

Introduce your underarms to a deodorant that’s been made 100% with plants and works with you to diminish your body odor naturally. It’s made with some rich ingredients, including coconut oil, coconut water, and sage oil. Potent in lauric acid, coconut oil is used to moisturize, nourish, and protect all skin types. Coconut water has essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes to balance the skin’s functions and hydrate. It also has a 100% plant-based active ingredient that fends off odor-causing bacteria. The deodorant nicely covers the armpit upon rubbing it, and best of all, it doesn’t leave you with a sticky residue for the day. Thanks to the excellent creators of this deodorant, it is vegan, non-allergenic, baking soda-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, aluminum-free, and silicone-free.


10. Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

Experience a luxurious deodorant with no aluminum-derived ingredients that can still keep your odor controlled and your skin hydrated. The combination of arrowroot and mandelic acid is used to absorb wetness and eliminate bacteria that cause bad odor. Plant oils such as baobab, mongongo seed, and marula are used for their skin protecting and calming effect on the skin. The delicate armpit area is often left dry and dull from deodorant, but the Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream has the oils and shea butter to replenish irritated skin. It’s free of silicone dyes, baking soda, sulfates, drying alcohols, and essential oils. The cherry on top of this deodorant is that it’s cruelty-free and supports the international elephant foundation. That’s why we think it’s one of the best women’s deodorants for odor.


11. Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant

Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant

Boost your confidence by wearing a deodorant that you can be assured will protect you for up to 48 hours. This deodorant is extra moisturizing, with one-quarter of the bottle being a moisturizer. Dove’s formula doubles as an after-caring product for shaving. Get ready for a soothing underarm climate that’s free of odor, irritation, and sweat. The clinical strength deodorant is two times as powerful as normal antiperspirants. Its calming cucumber and green tea scent will ensure you feel revived for a full day, no matter the sweat-causing situation. Know that your armpits will be cared for by Dove thanks to their professional dermatologists and thorough dermatological testing. It comes as a solid stick that you can glide on your underarms time and time again. It comes in a perfect travel-size bottle of 1.6 oz.


12. Schmidt’s Sensitive Deodorant Stick Jasmine Tea

Schmidt’s Sensitive Deodorant Stick Jasmine Tea

You won’t need to worry about sweat patches and having a lingering odor with Schmidt’s sensitive jasmine tea-smelling deodorant stick. Swipe your underarms twice on each side and know that you will be covered for up to 24 hours. It comes in two other wonderful refreshing fragrances, including coconut & pineapple and hempseed oil & rose. Schmidt’s formula is proudly vegan-certified and not tested on animals. It’s soft on the skin, easy to apply, and free of aluminum salt, phthalates, artificial fragrances, parabens, baking soda, and propylene glycol.

Some of the wonderful ingredients that Schmidt’s gets from plants are coconut oil, magnesium, shea butter, candelilla wax, essential oils, natural fragrance, arrowroot powder, jojoba esters, fractionated coconut oil, and vitamin E.


13. Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant 

Ideal for all skin types, Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant is ideal for anyone needing to get their odor under control. It comes in a long-lasting 3.4 oz bottle that will keep you smelling like an actual rose. Harness the power of wild roses with Weleda’s natural deodorant. The ingredients are gentle on the skin, and they neutralize odor by limiting bacteria buildup with essential oils, ylang-ylang, and damask rose. It is made completely free of fragrances, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives, colorants, and aluminum salts. Bottled in a glassed pump spray, the wild rose deodorant truly is one of a kind. This is a great deodorant for those with sensitive skin.

Known for its healing properties, rose oil usage dates back to the times of ancient Babylonians who made ointments from rose petals. It is an extremely valuable ingredient, as one liter of rose oil needs three million roses.


14. Simple Soothing Anti-Perspirant 

Simple Soothing Anti-Perspirant 

Naturally, neutralize the smell of odor with Simple’s all-natural ingredients in their roll-on deodorant. While deodorants can dry out and irritate the delicate skin around your underarms, this formula isn’t harsh on the skin. Though it is all-natural, you can feel confident knowing that this product protects you for 48 hours. Apply in the mornings for a lasting full-day effect of neutralized body odor. Soothing Anti-Perspirant has been tested dermatologically and has proven to limit irritated and dehydrated skin under your arms. This is an excellent option for those who suffer from body odor as well as dry, sensitive skin.

The creators at Simple have made this roll-on free of colorants, alcohols, perfumes, fragrances (both natural and artificial), phthalates, dyes, and parabens.

15. Aēsop Déodorant Roll-On

Aēsop Déodorant Roll-On

After having a bath or shower, apply a generous amount of Aēsop’s natural goodness to your armpits. The milky lotion-like roll-on is a small self-caring treat for your underarms to thrive from with its hydrating properties and odor-masking magic. Limit your daily stress of bad odor with this deodorant that has an earthy aromatherapeutic combination of herbs and woods. It comes in a convenient 1.7 oz bottle that’s suitable to take on the road, to have in your purse, or to leave at home.

It’s a special blend of ingredients that encompasses wasabi extract, essential oils, vetiver root, and zinc ricinoleate. The formula is completely vegan, with ingredients that have been tested and proven to be effective, sustainable, and, most importantly, safe to apply on the skin.


16. Versace Bright Crystal Deodorant

Versace Bright Crystal Deodorant

Turn your armpits into a designer perfume laboratory with a premium fragrance that replaces unwanted odor with a luxurious ambiance. This sweet treat will give you the aromatic concoction of yuzu, musk, frost, sweet, magnolia, amber, fruit, peony, mahogany, pomegranate, and lotus flower. Apply in the mornings after bathing. Wait for the product to dry under your arms before dressing.

Expect results that will give you long-lasting effects at reducing odor and wetness with a delicate formula that’s quick-drying and efficient. The deodorant comes in the form of a stick, making it easy to apply and comfortable. It is suitable for all skin types, but if it is causing continuous irritation, it is recommended to stop using the product.


17. Mario Badescu Deodorant

Mario Badescu Deodorant

Manage your odor with an affordable deodorant that has proven time and time again to effectively reduce body odor and wetness, with Mario Badescu’s Deodorant. Undergo a full day of freshness with their vegan-friendly formula that’s made with odor-neutralizing ingredients like cucumber, ginger root oils, and cleansing sage. Ginger root is effective for its antibacterial ability and warming persona. Cleansing sage kills off the bacteria responsible for bad odor, which keeps you smelling fresh.

This deodorant is free of aluminum, animal products, parabens, and baking soda. It is recommended to apply throughout the day as necessary and to not be put on broken skin.


18. Nécessaire The Deodorant Gel

Nécessaire The Deodorant Gel

Improve the pH levels in your underarms with The Deodorant Gel’s ability to put a stop to bad-smelling body odor. It has a liquid gel texture and comes in a roll-on bottle. The great thing about this deodorant is that it doesn’t leave stains on your shirts, and it isn’t sticky-feeling. The ingredients help to even out the skin tone and limit bumps. After being dermatologically tested, Nécessaire’s formula was found to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic—perfect for sensitive underarms.

The ingredients include lactic acid, chamomile flower extract, and niacinamide. The lactic acid reduces odor and smoothens the skin’s texture. Chamomile flower extract soothes the skin. Niacinamide increases the strength of the skin’s moisture barrier to keep the underarms hydrated.


19. Merci Handy Hello Sunshine Deodorant

Merci Handy Hello Sunshine Deodorant

Give your pits a positive experience when combating body odor with Merci Handy’s Hello Sunshine Deodorant. This fun roll-on smells like a pleasant combination of exotic fruits and vanilla. Kindly made with clean ingredients that are effective when it comes to managing body odor. It comes in two other flavors called “flower power” and “Namaste.” Sodium hydroxide is used to neutralize odor, while Ethylhexylglycerin targets the odor-causing bacteria and removes them.

This deodorant is free of cruelty which makes it vegan-friendly. It is also made without the use of alcohol, parabens, and aluminum. The bottle comes in a purse-friendly size of 1.9 oz, making it the perfect deodorizing companion wherever you go and one of the best women’s deodorants for odor.


20. Kai Deodorant

Kai Deodorant

Smell like a natural goddess all day long with Kai’s gentle deodorant that takes care of your skin while fighting off nasty odors. It is sulfate-free, phosphate-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, aluminum-free, and phthalate-free. Plant extracts, vitamin E, and chamomile are combined to give you some control over your armpit’s moisture levels. It smells like a wonderful combination of tuberose, tiare, jasmine, gardenia, and lily.

This translucent deodorant comes in a generous amount of 2.6 oz, so you can be generous with your application. The founder of this product decided to create scents that incorporate her passion for white flowers. After some months of working with a fragrance house, they created this well-loved aroma known as Kai.


21. Briogeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant

Briogeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant

Soothe, hydrate, and deodar your armpits with the ingredients found in Briogeo’s B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant. Made of 99% naturally derived products, this formula works hard to mask odor and moisturize your underarms. Its key ingredients include coconut, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Coconut conditions and moisturizes sensitive skin. Eucalyptus leaves your armpits smelling fresh. Tea tree works against odor-causing bacteria while soothing irritated skin.

Maintain healthy armpits with Briogeo’s deodorant, that’s made without phthalates, oxybenzone 95, sulfates, triclocarban, formaldehyde, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, hydroquinone, retinyl palmitate, formaldehyde-releasing agents, parabens, triclosan, and coal tar.


22. Corpus Naturals Neroli Natural Deodorant

Corpus Naturals Neroli Natural Deodorant

Ditch unwanted body odor with the help of a vegan-friendly deodorant that’s long-lasting and soft on the skin. Plant extract and enzymes are used to take care of body odor without the need for other nasty chemicals. It smells like a fresh summer breeze with an aromatic fuse of bergamot, neroli, ambrette seed, and orange blossom. It has been formulated without using talc, synthetic fragrances, animal products, parabens, baking soda, aluminum, and phthalates.

Use this deodorant on clean and dry underarms that are ready to take on the day. This product is water-based, so ensure that your underarms are dry so that the product does not dilute upon application. Although it is long-lasting, reapply as necessary throughout the day.


23. Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant

Kosas Chemistry believes that your armpits should be treated with the same kindness as your face. That’s why they developed their AHA Serum Deodorant. It comes in a fragrance-free formula as well as a mildly scented clean formula. By keeping the pH level of your armpits a negative climate for odor-causing bacteria, this deodorant is fantastic at keeping bad smells away and making you feel clean all day long. It has mild exfoliating abilities, which help to even out the skin tones under your arms and make them firm. It contains hyaluronic acid, which keeps your skin plump and moisturized.

After 24 hours of wearing Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant, their testers said the product made them feel like their body odor was neutralized, they were fresh, and it worked throughout workouts.


24. Kaia Naturals Charcoal Sakura Blossom Deodorant

Kaia Naturals Charcoal Sakura Blossom Deodorant

Get rid of the toxins in your armpits with this charcoal-activated deodorant by Kaia Naturals. It defends your underarm climate from the nasty bacteria that cause bad odor. The Charcoal Sakura Blossom Deodorant can take regular deodorant wearers two to four weeks to adjust to wearing a naturally-formulated deodorant, but it’s for the better of your body when it comes to removing toxins.

This formula is vegan-friendly, child-friendly, pregnancy-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly, cruelty-free, and free of synthetic fragrances, aluminum, baking soda, synthetic preservatives, GMOs, artificial colors, palm oil, soy, dairy, alcohol, and egg. Show your underarms some love with a safe and friendly formulated deodorant.


25. Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Summer Strength

Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Summer Strength

Boost your confidence by wearing a deodorant that provides up to three times the amount of protection against wetness compared to other deodorants. This is Rexona’s most advanced deodorant, which provides full-day protection against odor even on a heated summer day. It comes as a stick and has their distinctive technology to limit odor once activated by movement, making it ideal for a sporting fanatic needing a reliable deodorant. Although this is an extremely strong product, it is safe to use daily. Their concoction is aluminum chloride-free and ethyl alcohol-free. It comes in a 1.5 oz bottle so that you can take it everywhere.

Some of their hardworking ingredients include dimethicone, microcrystalline wax, Cyclopentasiloxane, sodium starch, silica, and hydrolyzed corn starch.

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