Corona protest: Interior Minister appeals: Visit registered demos

Corona protest
Interior Minister appeals: visit registered demos

The police are at a demonstration by opponents of measures and vaccinations in Nuremberg. Photo: Gregor Bauernfeind / dpa

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The demonstrations against the corona measures continue. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy calls on participants not to “trick” the authorities.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser has appealed to demonstrators against Corona measures to only participate in registered gatherings if possible.

The events are becoming more and more detailed, the “spreading” makes it more and more difficult for the authorities, said the SPD politician on Thursday on Deutschlandfunk. People have the right to take to the streets and speak up. «Of course I can do that in a normally registered meeting. And for that I don’t have to try to outsmart the security authorities, ”emphasized Faeser. Anyone who wants to exercise their right to demonstrate should do so in an “orderly way”. “Don’t make it even more difficult for our security authorities,” the minister called on demonstrators.

Faeser also warned against the instrumentalization of Corona rallies by right-wing extremists. They would gain significantly more influence regionally at such events. However, they did not aim at corona measures, but turned against the state. Her appeal to demonstrating people is: “Set yourself apart from it. There is no justification for hatred, agitation and violence. “


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