Comfortable bras for more comfort: these models are trendy

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Comfortable bras: These models increase wearing comfort

Many bras are uncomfortable and leave painful pressure marks on the skin

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Pretty much every woman is probably familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of a poorly fitting bra. From incisive straps to misshapen cups to scratchy seams, even the most expensive model can be uncomfortable. The size of the breasts is not the problem.

Although there are uniform sizes for all cups and the underbust circumference, many models – depending on the manufacturer – vary in size or narrow. This makes it all the more important to try on it personally before making a purchase. Unfortunately, many women still wear the wrong bra size, which can not only lead to health problems such as headache or shoulder pain. Painful pressure points and an uncomfortable feeling are also typical of a poorly fitting bra. It is all the more important to measure your bust size correctly. We have summarized below for you how this works best and which models should sit particularly comfortably.

Measuring: How to determine the correct bra size

Regardless of the fact that a well-fitting bra is noticeably more comfortable to wear, the right dimensions reduce health problems – such as tension in the neck or shoulder area. To find out which cup size is right for you, consider your bust size with one Tape measure measure. Proceed as follows:

  1. Stand up straight and place the measuring tape on the widest part of the breast, in many women this is usually the height of the nipple. Now measure your chest circumference by running the measuring tape around your body once.
  2. Then determine your underbust circumference by placing the measuring tape directly under your chest and running it around your body once. You can then determine the correct cup size from the difference between the underbust size and the chest size.

Tip: here you can enter the measurements online and determine your bra size.

Comfortable bras: These models offer more comfort

If you know your correct cup size, the chance of a well-fitting bra is significantly higher. Nevertheless, the wearing comfort can vary from brand to brand. In addition, women with large breasts need more support than women with small breasts. For this reason, we present comfortable bras for different body types below:

1. Wireless bras

Bras with metal inserts give the breast more support, but often have the disadvantage that they cut into the skin and cause pain. If you can and would like to do without it, wireless bras are a pleasant alternative. Most models are cut so that they still support the breasts. The bra “Zero Feel“from Sloggi, for example, should be so comfortable that it feels like a second skin. It is suitable for small cups (B to C) and is available in different colors. Of course, the brand also offers other models.

2. Seamless bras

Seamless bras, often labeled as “seamless“. They are available with integrated shells that are designed to shape and support the breast as well as to cover the nipples. However, they are also available without shells. Which of these are more comfortable depends on the individual needs of a woman. What all comfortable bras have in common is that they do not have any seams that could scratch or prick. This is made possible by the use of a so-called laser cut, which simply eliminates the sewn seam on the edges of the fabric.

3. Large bras

If Sports bra, Minimizer or also classic with hangers: There is also a wide range of comfortable models for women with large cups. Wide straps are recommended to avoid painful pressure points on the shoulders. Soft Cotton bras care for. The firm, yet soft material relieves the bust, even if there are no underwires in the model. Even more support is provided by the seamless, pre-formed cups that have been incorporated into the bra and are double-layered.

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