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Barbara Schöneberger, 50, Moderator, fulfills a German cliché: “I am a punctual person. I have never missed anything in my life or never missed a train or a flight,” said Schöneberger to the German Press Agency. “If I know that 200 people are waiting for me in the television studio, I’m on time. If I’m invited to an event in the evening, I’ll also be a few minutes late if I know that a few other people are coming. “

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Gwyneth Paltrow, 51, Actress, focuses on motherhood. As the Oscar winner revealed on the US talk show “Today with Hoda & Jenna”, she largely gave up acting after the birth of her 19-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son in order to raise her children. Otherwise, the ex-wife of Coldplay-Singer Chris Martin, 47, can be seen in several other well-known films today. “When I look back at it through a cultural lens, I think, wow, if people knew I didn’t do this or that movie, they’d be pretty shocked,” Paltrow said. But she would never reveal which films they were.

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Ben Becker, 59, Actor, has a love-hate relationship with trash formats: “I like to be ashamed of others”, but he is also ashamed of the dumbing down. He was once asked to go to the jungle camp. During the negotiations he jokingly asked for a million and they agreed. “I wanted to put on a loincloth like Tarzan, lie down on a tree with a stick of Marlboro and not talk to the other candidates, just grunt at them,” said Becker in an interview with the Berlin courier. His plan to sabotage the format: “I don’t talk to anyone, smoke my cigarettes and become king of the jungle with the number.” But his agency wouldn’t continue to work with him, so he decided against it.

People of the day: undefinedPeople of the day: undefined
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Fabio Knez, 31, and Darya Strelnikova, 31, Reality stars find being close to each other exhausting. The couple who met while taking part in the TV format “Are You The One?” met in late summer 2023 and has recently been living in a shared apartment. When asked how things are going, Strelnikova replied the VIP magazine just: “Stressful.” Her partner added: “We’ve never actually gotten into each other’s hair like this before.” One reason for the friction was possibly a certain irritability, as Knez noted with a sideways glance at his girlfriend: “Even if you haven’t eaten much, right?”

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