Casting show: Detlef Soost can imagine “Popstars” comeback

Casting show
Detlef Soost can imagine “Popstars” comeback

Star choreographer Detlef Soost is taking part in the RTL show “Let’s Dance” this year. photo

© Jens Kalaene/dpa

Choreographer Detlef Soost is considered the celebrity with the most prior knowledge in this “Let’s Dance” season. What he says about his favorite roles and future plans.

“Let’s Dance” participants Detlef Soost once became famous with the “Popstars” casting format – and is keeping a back door open for the show to make a comeback. “The last “Popstars” season was in 2012. I can imagine the TV project again, especially with all the frustration in today’s society,” said the Berliner in an interview with the news portal Watson.

“”Popstars” was also a hero’s journey. Some of the people we had in the workshops couldn’t sing well at all. It’s like “Let’s Dance”, the candidates don’t know standard or Latin yet, but they’re learning it.”

In the 17th season of the RTL show “Let’s Dance” Soost is now fighting for the title “Dancing Star” (every Friday, 8:15 p.m., RTL). The coach and motivational speaker said about further plans: “I don’t know what’s next. Maybe after 23 years they’ll say: ‘Now we’ll do “Popstars’ again.” I could cringe at that.”

His private life

In an interview with watson, the 53-year-old says about his current life situation: “Overall, I’m very happy with my life. With my family, my children and also with what I’m allowed to do professionally. I don’t think about it like I used to, anything else “I want to be a good father, a good husband and reach as many people as possible with my lifestyle idea.”

After 24 years, he is now a student again for the first time, he says and explains: “I have even more understanding for the jury’s verdicts because I sat on the other side myself. It was never about getting anyone down, “It’s always about getting clear criticism so that someone does it differently.”

The 53-year-old says he would “honestly think it would be right” if the jury were tougher on him. “That would actually be good, because then the critics would see: At least the jury is stricter with him than with someone who hasn’t danced yet.”


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