Candle making on the Tollwood: Hell of relaxation – Munich

Well, well, let’s relax now too: The Red Cross is offering a “Munich candle-making” at the Tollwood Winter Festival, and that reads like an activity from meditation hell – a wick is dipped in liquid wax that he sucks himself up. Then you wait until the wax has solidified on the wick. Then he is submerged again. Then you wait until the wax has solidified on the wick. Then he gets submerged again…

The Red Cross writes that drawing a larger candle can take up to two hours; that is “as simple and monotonous as it is relaxing”. However, the Bavarian Sanka drivers forgot one thing: the patience wick or thread is not twisted the same way for everyone. There are people who can’t be upset by anything, they make themselves a cup of coffee in the midst of chaos and think about how best to proceed. And there are the all-time hectic people who only move around at a run, who always have a light film of sweat on their forehead and always get everything done immediately. Just as nature fears the void – horror vacuum – the hectic man is afraid of doing nothing, of rest, of inactivity.

Waiting two hours for that damn wax to set? It’s monotonous, but it’s definitely not relaxing. Before he gets involved, the hectic man will design an ad hoc procedure for working on ten wicks at the same time, namely on a rolling basis, so that he always has something to do – maybe even 15 will do.

It doesn’t help: if someone doesn’t want to relax, then the greatest stress for them is when they want to be forced to do so. If so, one would have to sell him making candles as a productive activity, as a task of the highest responsibility, which only the most conscientious and reliable can be entrusted with – then he could possibly embark on it, along the lines of: It’s better to meditate than sit around and even less do nothing.

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