Blotting Paper: Quick help for shiny skin

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Blotting Paper: How to conceal shiny spots on your face

Blotting Paper: Quick help for shiny skin

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Blotting paper is a must in every handbag. It mattifies any make-up in seconds and removes unwanted shine. You’ll find more about it here.

You stand in front of the mirror in the morning, apply lotion, make-up and powder as much as you can, and then this: After a few hours, the shine has increased and your forehead has taken hold. No matter how matte and long-lasting our powder of choice is, the shine always wins out eventually. What is not so dramatic for some drives others insane. Then it’s time to keep powdering. This need not be. Blotting Paper is the optimal and inexpensive solution to declare war on unwanted shine.

What is blotting paper?

“Blotting Paper” means “blotting paper” in German. This is very fine and very handy paper, which absorbs sebum, oil and sweat. The result: the skin becomes matt and clean again in no time at all.

There are many different types of blotting paper. The spectrum ranges from blotting paper coated with antibacterial powder to particularly environmentally friendly blotting paper. You are sure to find everything your beauty heart desires.

Especially women with oily skin swear by blotting paper. It comes in a handy case and is ideal for on the go. You can simply reach into your pocket inconspicuously, dab the T-zone briefly and everything is nice and matt again.

Is blotting paper better than powder?

In particular, beauty queens with oily skin know the tiresome problem of skin that quickly becomes greasy. While some simply reach for the powder again, the frequent touch-up of make-up causes unsightly spots for others. In addition, powder clogs the pores in large quantities, and using the same sponge over old make-up over and over again is not particularly hygienic. Blotting paper is the perfect solution. However, mineral powder has a similar effect to blotting paper.

What are the advantages of blotting paper?

  • Blotting paper is very cheap. You can buy a high-quality product for as little as three euros.
  • Sebum and sweat are blotted away in seconds.
  • Some blotting papers are coated with antibacterial powder. This gives pimples and skin impurities no chance.
  • Lipid peroxides can also be absorbed by some blotting papers. These are harmful substances that are caused by oxidized skin fats (e.g. due to UV rays).
  • Blotting paper is very quick and easy to use.

How to use blotting paper?

The use of the small blotting papers is very easy. You simply take a leaf and dab it on the shiny parts of your face. Once dabbed, the blotting paper soaks up sweat and shine and mattifies in seconds. You can use the paper on both make-up and bare skin. The effect is the same.

Tips for using blotting paper

Blotting paper can be used in many ways and not only fights shiny areas of the face. In addition, it can be used as follows:

  • You can also misuse the fine leaves and use them on greasy hair.
  • Blotting Paper can be applied before make-up and replaces the eyeshadow base. It gets rid of oil, which means that the products used afterwards adhere better and last all day.
  • Lipstick can also be matted with blotting paper if necessary. This will create a whole new look!

Where can you buy blotting paper?

Blotting paper is an absolute must-have for many make-up lovers and is therefore available in all well-stocked drugstores. Alternatively, you can find one online large selection to blotting paper. We have put together a small selection for you below:

The bargain from Allbesta

This blotting paper primarily convinces with its unbeatable price just over four euros.

  • The blotting paper gently removes excess sebum and sweat.
  • Five different colors and aromas from green tea to chamomile to lavender meet different skin requirements.
  • The scents are particularly appealing.

Here you can buy Allbesta blotting papers.

The Art Deco classic

Artdeco blotting papers:

  • gently and reliably absorbs excess fat
  • mattifies oily areas in no time
  • is perfect for on the go thanks to the handy packaging

Here you can get hold of the blotting papers from Artdeco.

Blotting paper with Frcolor organic bamboo charcoal

The highlight of this product lies in the ingredients.

  • This blotting paper is made from 100 percent natural pulp fibers with organic bamboo charcoal.
  • They provide extra freshness.

Here you can buy Frcolor blotting papers.

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