Bavaria: SPD calls for equal pay for women – Bavaria

With a draft reform of the Bavarian Equal Opportunities Act, the SPD parliamentary group wants to put pressure on Social Affairs Minister Ulrike Scharf (CSU) – and force an amendment to the law before the end of this legislative period. The state government must “drop its cricket-at-the-stove ideology” and should no longer discriminate against women in public service, said Simone Strohmayr, spokeswoman for women’s affairs for the SPD, who presented the draft law on Monday. The background, among other things: There are significantly more women working part-time in public administration in the Free State, and women also earn an average of 234 euros less than male colleagues. One should not “postpone the reform any longer,” said Strohmayr.

The SPD proposal envisages strengthening the powers of the equal opportunities officer, with “serious sanctions and also options for taking legal action” in the event of violations of the law. In addition, the regulation should also apply to companies that are majority owned by the state. In its draft, the SPD takes up the results of technical talks between the German Trade Union Confederation of Bavaria (DGB) and the Munich working group of equal opportunities officers and the state working group of municipal equal opportunities officers. The state parliament is already advising on the SPD proposal this Tuesday. Social Affairs Minister Scharf had announced there in the summer of 2022 that she wanted to amend the law herself “in this legislative period”, i.e. by autumn at the latest. In the meantime, Scharf has received your announcement.

For an amendment to the law “a systematic, active involvement of the municipalities is necessary,” said the minister on Monday when asked by the SZ. At the moment, however, the municipalities are “already heavily burdened by the energy and refugee crisis. Equality must not be dealt with on the side”. In addition, Scharf emphasized the progress made in the public service, such as the fact that 45.5 percent of management positions are held by women. “The SPD’s allegations ignore the facts.” SPD politician Strohmayr believes that the fact that the minister cannot keep her announcement shows “the weakness” of the state government.

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