Anna Ermakova: She wants to “support” father Boris Becker

Anna Ermakova
She wants to “support” father Boris Becker

Anna Ermakova is particularly worried about her half-brother Amadeus.

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Even with Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova, the shock of his conviction runs deep. She now wants to support him as best she can.

Ex-tennis player Boris Becker (54), who was sentenced to two years and six months in prison, can apparently rely on the support of his entire family. Immediately after the verdict of the British Southwark Crown Court, his daughter Anna Ermakova (22) protested in conversation with the “Picture”: “I will support him and I will visit him whenever I can. I hope that will help a little bit to get through the time.”

Even before the verdict, she had tried everything to obtain a mild sentence for her father. “I helped as best I could. I wrote a letter to the court to express my concern for my little half-brother Amadeus,” Ermakova said. At the age of twelve, he was “in a difficult phase of his development” and now had to “do without a father figure”.

He has to be behind bars for that

Judge Deborah Taylor sentenced Becker to two and a half years in prison last Friday. He had previously been found guilty on four out of 24 charges by a grand jury in his adopted home of London. The former tennis pro is said to have concealed his fortune in the millions after he was declared bankrupt by a London court in 2017. Becker and his team can still appeal the guilty verdict and the sentence.


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