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Status: 03/27/2023 05:56 am

The construction work for the Altona noise protection tunnel has been completed for the time being: The closure of the approximately 15-kilometer stretch between Hamburg-Volkspark and Hamburg-Heimfeld was lifted on Monday night – four hours earlier than planned.

Despite a planned strike at Autobahn GmbH, traffic in the Elbe Tunnel is still flowing. According to a decision by the Hamburg State Labor Court on Sunday, three lanes in each direction had to be available after the closure – as before the closure.

Tunnel is scheduled for completion in 2028

During the full closure, among other things, the second part of the massive bridge over Behringstraße was demolished. The Altona noise protection tunnel, a good two kilometers long, above the A7, which will then be expanded to eight lanes, should be completed by 2028. The A7 is one of the busiest autobahns in Germany. Around 120,000 vehicles pass through the Elbe Tunnel every day.

Another complete closure of the A7 at the end of April

The next complete closure of the A7 will start at the end of next month: from April 28th to May 1st, the section between Hamburg-Heimfeld and -Volkspark will be closed again in order to put a new dam structure south of the Elbe tunnel into operation.

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The closure applies in both directions between the Hamburg-Heimfeld and -Volkspark junctions. 3 mins

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