a man killed in his apartment after a shooting at his building

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The shooting took place near a deal point, during the night from Saturday to Sunday, and two individuals are on the run. “Everything suggests that the 55-year-old man is a collateral victim,” said a police source.

A man was killed during the night from Saturday to Sunday in his apartment in Dijon after a shot on the facade of his building, the prosecution said.

Around 12:30 a.m., individuals traveling in a vehicle fired at buildings and “a 55-year-old man was fatally injured by one of the shots while he was at his home», indicated the public prosecutor of Dijon Olivier Caracotch in a message to AFP. The man, declared dead at 12:50 a.m., was in his apartment located on the first floor with his wife and daughter, a police source said.

The shooting took place near a deal point in the Stalingrad district and two individuals are on the run, according to the same source. No other details were provided on the victim but “everything suggests that he is a collateral victim“, indicated this source.

“I want to leave Dijon”

My father and I, with my mother, were woken up by a succession of gunshots and then it stopped. Then it started again, and when we went to see my father who was sleeping in his bed, he was dead», Declared his daughter, aged 23, to AFP on site, who wished to remain anonymous. She specified that her 24-year-old brother was also in the apartment of this Kosovar family who arrived in France 14 years ago.

A few years ago, there were already gunshots on the facade of the building which had already hit our apartment“, explained the young woman, believing that it was “surely a settling of scores“. “I would like France to better protect its inhabitants, I want to leave Dijon“, she said in shock and in tears.

“A real business”

The victim’s son said for his part that his father had suffered a heart attack in the past.because he got angry with the people around“. “It’s a deal point, it’s been like that for a long time», Intervened a neighbor who did not want to give his name. Another neighbor in his 50s said: “They’ve been coming here for a long time to get coke, it’s a real business, they’ve been queuing since 10 a.m.“.

The neighborhood with tree-lined avenues, where clean HLMs have recently been built, is located behind an asylum seeker center and is home to several families of political refugees or asylum seekers. The Territorial Directorate of the Judicial Police (DTPJ) was contacted, according to the prosecutor. CRS 8, the CRS unit specializing in maintaining order, will be sent to Dijon, added the Ministry of the Interior.

Territorial wars between traffickers are causing more and more victims, due to the use of more deadly weapons. In Bouches-du-Rhône, which is particularly devastated, these conflicts have killed more than forty people this year, including three collateral victims. A 24-year-old young woman was notably mowed down by a burst of Kalashnikovs in September, while she was at her home with her mother, on 3e floor of a building in Marseille.

In Nîmes, ten-year-old Fayed lost his life at the end of August, shot in a shooting linked to the drug war in the working-class district of Pissevin. Nine people, including a 17-year-old minor, were indicted in mid-November in this investigation.

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