Zorneding: The first Fix and Foxi draftsman Dorul van der Heyde – Ebersberg

In the early 1960s, the comic series “Fix and Foxi” was a bestseller. Hardly anyone knows Dorul von der Heide, who first drew the figures. who was the man


Corbinian Eisenberger, Zorneding

He always wore a shirt and tie when he drew. At eight sharp he was sitting in his studio under the roof. A large table, huge glass windows, the room is flooded with light. Here he led the pen. The contours of the most famous German comic characters of the time were his creation: “Fix und Foxi” came from Dorul van der Heide’s drawing table at Tizianstraße 22 in Munich-Neuhausen. From there the figures migrated to “Caucasia”, as the inventor, author and publisher of Fix und Foxi called his residence, Rolf Kauka. Van der Heide stayed true to his lines – but at some point he wanted more.

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