Zipmex joins forces with Guss Damn Good to launch a new ice cream flavor IMAGINE THAT to bring additional happiness to customers.

 Zipmex (Zipmex) Digital Asset Platformfastest growing in Southeast Asia join hands with Guss Damn Good The famous ice cream brand of the new era. out flavored ice cream IMAGINE THAT Giving special customers a taste of butter beer ice cream in sorbet form that combines the deliciousness with Butterscotch Caramel refreshing Sweet and salty, just right Eat and feel dreamy Ready to sell today at the store. Guss Damn Good all branches at a price of only 100 Baht only!

Proud Limpongphan, Chief Marketing OfficerZipmex Group said, “past Zipmex havespecial offer and new experiences for customers always to create excitement until to fill The Company’s ecosystem to be able to fully meet the needs of customers touch point Today we are very glad to have a partner with the way. Guss Damn Good collaborates to create a new ice cream flavor under the concept IMAGINE THAT to emphasize that Zipmex will be your companion to give everyone the courage to try their dreams. and be a part for everyone to have a good life in their own way by Zipmex will continue to develop great campaigns like this to reach every customer segment. Whether it’s in terms of investment or different lifestyles Because we are not only a cryptocurrency trading platform. But we think we can support and promote the life of customers in a modern financial model in a comprehensive way

Rarin Thamwattana, brand founder Guss Damn Good said, “In the past, Guss Damn Good has been collaborating with brands or partners. We will communicate the story of that brand through the flavors of ice cream. Or as we call each other “Story to Flavor”, every flavor of Guss Damn Good is based on this principle since we started making ice cream. by cooperating with Zipmex This time, besides being a leader Modern Tech that emphasizes on the lifestyle and personality of Zipmex that is fun and invites people to dare to dream So we took the tagline “Imagine That” comes as a set Keep thinking about what was dreamy, magical, fun, and new. We come to the taste Butter Beer long-standing menu But it is very popular in the magic world, making this IMAGINE THAT flavor come out perfectly. story that represents the brand and taste inviting

As for ice cream, IMAGINE THAT is a butterbeer ice cream topped with butterscotch. smooth texture It’s like a glass of beer with soft beer foam on top, giving it a magical, dreamy taste. Both fun and provide a new experience for those who experience it. Available for sale from May 15 onwards. Available at all Guss Damn Good stores. Those who are interested can view details of the Guss Damn Good store location at or Zipmex users who own ZMT can get the experience. Super Exclusive for Limited Edition items at

About Zipmex

Zipmex The fastest growing digital asset platform in Southeast Asia. Focus on building the financial foundation of Asia In order for everyone to experience the world of digital assets, the company in Thailand has been licensed to provide exchange assets and a securities brokerage license issued by the Ministry of Finance of Thailand. and is under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand Available throughout Southeast Asia in other countries such as Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.

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